Electronic Ignition for the Citroen 2CV- We Stock It!

citroen 2cv partsIf you’re looking to add a few refinements to your Citroen 2CV, consider switching to an electronic ignition for the Citroen.  All of the technology is contained in one simple module which just goes in place of the original points box, the standard points/condenser is removed and the new electronic ignition is bolted on.

The benefits include:

  • Better performance
  • Stronger spark
  • Smoother running, better emissions
  • No maintenance—ever again!

Eurocar imports stocks the largest selection of Citroen parts and Citroen 2CV parts.  If you have a special order request, we can fulfill it for you.  We pride ourselves on same day turnaround.  We ship it out the same day you order, unless of course it is a special order.