The Citroen Wedding Present

A few weeks ago we told you about a maroon and black Citroen 2CV that we were restoring as a wedding present for one of our customers to give to his son on his wedding day.  The car is going to be waiting outside of the church as a surprise when the bride and groom come out.  We just finished putting the final touches on her and I took these gorgeous photos to share with you.  These restored vintage cars make excellent gifts for car lovers. The look and perform like brand new and there is nothing like owning a true piece of history!

Here are some BEFORE photos of the car:

Citroen Car Wedding Present Completed!

The Largest Citroen One Stop Shop in North America

Take a look at our lots (inside and out) and it’s easy to see why Eurocar Imports is the largest Citroen one-stop shop in North America.  We currently have over 35 Citroen cars on our lot and inside being worked on! Our impeccable reputation for quality craftsmanship and superior products has set the bar for the industry, and we keep on raising it. We eat, sleep and breathe Citroen cars and now you can see why.

With 35 cars in the cue and more on the way, we are honing our skills on a daily basis.  We sell only the finest vintage Citroen cars that have been hand selected using our expert authority. Each restoration and rebuild project we take on is completed to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We stand behind and guarantee our work! Whether you are looking for Citroen 2CV parts, service, restoration or sales, you owe it to yourself to speak with the fastest growing Citroen experts in the country!  Give us a call at 732-279-6453.

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Very Rare 1960 Ripple Bonnet 2CV For Sale

This is a very unusual opportunity to own an original 1960 Citroen Ripple Bonnet 2CV.   The vehicle is currently in England, waiting to be exported to the US.  Once it arrived at Eurocar Imports, we will be performing a full restoration.  The car will look and feel brand new.

The Ripple Bonnet was first introduced in 1960, when the Citroen 2CV was updated. In particular the corrugated Citroën H Van style “ripple bonnet” of convex swages was replaced (except for the Sahara), with one using six larger concave swages.

These genuine Ripples are very rare in Europe and worth a considerable amount of money worldwide.  This is a great chance to own a real piece of history.

Here are a few photos of the vehicle. I will post more soon after we have made some progress with the restoration, she’s going to look amazing!

40F Container Arrives With Over $50,000 in Citroen Cars and Goods

Our 40F container just arrived from Europe! It’s full of new galvanized frames, floor pans, fenders, engines, gearboxes and so much more!  Basically, every new Citroen 2CV part you could possibly need.  There are over 400 items inside including 2 new Citroen Cars and 1 Citroen Truck.

Our stock of Citroen 2CV parts is growing by the day!  If you are looking for anything to enhance your 2CV, you’ve got to give us a call and find out about our amazing collection of Citroen 2CV parts and accessories. Plus we have access to the most obscure parts from all over the world.  If there was something you wanted but couldn’t find it before, give us a chance to locate it for you, you won’t be sorry!

If you are interested in purchasing a Citroen car, visit our ‘for sale’ page and see our entire inventory of Citroen cars for sale.

40F Container Full of Citroen Goodies!

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