Yellow & Black Citroen: Restoration in Progress

This popular Yellow & Black Citroen combination is really becoming a hit with a lot of Citroen enthusiasts.  We have one in the shop now that we are working on.  Follow this link to see some of the photos of her restoration in progress and you can see some more updated photos below:

citroen 2cv restoration citroen 2cv restoration in progress
Citroen 2CV in restoration citroen 2cv engine being restored
citroen yellow black 2cv restoration

Another Maroon/Black Charleston Being Reborn

Another maroon and black Citroen 2CV Charleston has arrived at Eurocar Imports for some TLC.  As usual, we will be giving her the works to bring back her original beauty.  Among other things, she will be receiving a new galvanized frame, floorpans, Borla Performance exhaust system, seat covers, carpeting, headliner, canvas sunroof, bumpers, a low-mileage engine with new- disc brakes, a rebuilt transmission, new chrome door trim, and five new tires.

Stay tuned for updates on her progress!

Citroen 2CV Sighted in Montclair

This article was originally posted in the Wall Street Journal online.  We recently restored a yellow/black Citroen 2CV for our client in Montclair….have to find out if this is his!

Citroen 2CV Sighted

citroen 2cv

Photo by Jonathan Welsh

The Citroen 2CV, or Deux Chevaux, is an icon of the French auto industry but they don’t turn up often in the U.S. This one was parked yesterday in a Montclair, N.J. shopping area. The car’s name comes from the horsepower rating of the engines in early models. With time the 2CV got more muscle under the hood but was never long on power.

It was designed just before World War II but the bulk of production took place from the late 1940s through the late 1980s. Citroen designed the car in part to help the rural French make the transition to cars from horse-drawn wagons. It was simple, rugged, easy on fuel and easy to work on. It was also stylish in an unmistakably French fashion that still holds up well.

Like the Ford Model T in America, the Volkswagen Beetle in Germany, and Austin Mini in Britain, the 2CV helped bring motorized transport to the masses and became a national emblem.

Today they make fun urban and suburban runabouts and can be found in good shape for less than $10,000. Still, I wouldn’t call them entry-level collectibles. Even though they were made for a long time 2CVs were never a big hit in the U.S. and it has been decades since Citroens were last sold here. Certain parts can be hard to find, especially for earlier models. But there are clubs that can help, and for intrepid owners who don’t mind turning the occasional wrench the 2CV can be a rewarding driving experience.

If you want a 2CV or any Citroen, your first step should be to find a good Citroen mechanic who can check out any prospective purchase now and help keep it on the road later.

Yellow/Black Charleston Arrives for Restoration

This yellow and black Citroen 2CV Charleston has just arrived at Eurocar Imports. We will be doing some restoration work on her including a new frame (you can see this one is badly rusted), new floor pans, new box section, new clutch, exhaust, brakes, oil seals and replacing the gaskets in the engine.

citroen 2cv charleston Citroen 2CV Charleston
Citroen 2CV Charleston rusted frame yellow and black Citroen 2CV Charleston
yellow and black Citroen 2CV Charleston yellow and black Citroen 2CV Charleston

Citroen 2CV Charleston

Did you know…the Citroen 2CV came on the scene in 1948.  At that time, it was only offered in one color; gray. In 1959, blue was added to the list of available colors, and then in 1960 yellow was added.

The front-wheel drive Citroen 2CV was not a flash car; it was a practical car. The ability to remove the seats and panels created extra room for larger objects, plus the 2CV was able to travel over 50 miles on one gallon of gas.

The practicality of the 2CV made it very popular. It was inexpensive, fuel efficient, fun, and convenient. Between 1948 and 1990, 5,114,920 Citroen 2CV’s have been produced.

Citroen 2CV cars for sale

More photos of the Citroen 2CV Wedding Gift

We really couldn’t help but share more photos of the Celeste Blue Citroen 2CV that we recently rebuilt for our customer who wanted to surprise his son with it on his wedding day. This was definitely a fun and exciting project to work on, knowing that his son was going to be surprised with the car on his wedding day.  It was waiting outside of the church when the Bride and Groom walked out!!

Below is a short photo album.

Citroen 2CV Surprises Bride and Groom

This is the Citroen 2CV that we re-built for our customer who wanted to surprise his son with it on his wedding day.  Below is the letter we received from the client!

Hi Noel:

citroen 2cv carsTrip from NJ to CT was quite an adventure. It was so hot we had to disconnect one the vent hose, to prevent the heat coming inside the cabin… but apart that, the car ran like a charm.

The wedding was quite a success. We asked all the attendees to surround the 2CV and then we called the bride and the groom outside the restaurant. Everybody was clapping hands, while all of a sudden people moved away to let the 2CV appear.

The groom had tears in his eyes when he discovered the 2CV. I handed over to him the book you gave me and the keys.

No doubt he likes it !

See attached some of the pictures guests took. We also hired a professional photographer. His pictures should be available anytime soon. Will send them to you later this week.

Thanks again for the terrific work you accomplished with very short notice.

Best regards,

Lynn & Jean Vianes

Citroen 2CV Rebuilds

At Eurocar Imports, we restore and rebuild Citroen cars including the icon Citroen 2CV.  No project is too big or little for our expert Citroen mechanics.  If you love nostalgic feeling of cruising around in a true classic, you’ve got to get behind the wheel of a Citroen.  Visit our Citroen auto body shop in NJ or give us a call at 732-279-6453 to talk about how you can be cruising around in the Citroen of your dreams!