Le Creuset Truckette– FIN!

Here are the finished photos of the vintage Citroen Truckette that will be used by Le Creuset to promote their new line of cookware products.

1952 Citroen Traction Avant for Sale

A very rare find!  This instantly recognizable 1952 Traction Avant is for sale at Eurocar Imports in NJ.  We will be performing a full restoration of the vehicle before she leaves our lot.

The Traction Avant, French for “forward traction”, was designed by André Lefèbvre and Flaminio Bertoni in late 1933 / early 1934. Andre Citroën was known to many as the Henry Ford of France. While not the first production front wheel drive car, it was the world’s first front wheel drive steel monocoque production car. The Traction successfully pioneered front wheel drive on the European mass car market.

Citroen Traction Avant Engineering

The Traction is famous for it’s unique look but even more so for its engineering. The Traction Avant used a longitudinal, front wheel drive layout, with the engine set well within the wheelbase, resulting in a very favourable weight distribution, aiding the car’s advanced handling characteristics. The gearbox was placed at the front of the vehicle with the engine behind it and the differential between them.  The gear change was set in the dashboard, with the lever protruding through a vertical, H-shaped gate. Because this vertical orientation could have resulted in the car dropping out of gear when the lever was in the upper positions (i.e. second or reverse gears), the gear shift mechanism was locked when the mechanical clutch was engaged and released when the clutch pedal was depressed.   The Traction Avant’s engineering features made them ideal for use as limousines and taxi cabs, and they were quite popular among drivers and passengers alike.

Citroen Traction Avant For Sale

Here are some photos of the 1952 model that just arrived.  If interested, please contact us right away at 732-279-6453.

Latest Citroen 2CV Project

This gray on gray Charleston came to Eurocar for some mechanical work, but as often is the case, the car will be upgraded with a new galvanized frame/floor pans/box section.  When we’re done, we will be finishing off this 2CV with a classic yellow/black Charleston color combination!

Check Out What’s Cooking with Le Creuset’s Truckette

Le Creuset purchased one of our Citroen Truckettes to use as a promotional vehicle.  We’re just in the middle of giving it a totally new look to match Le Creuset’s branding.  You can see from some of the photos that we’ve put a shiny coat of bright orange paint on so far, Le Creuset’s signature color.

Citroen SM Just In!

citroen sm for sale

Citroen SM courtesy of Jalopnik.com

Wow! I am like a kid in the candy store today!  Just got word that we will be soon be getting a vintage Citroen SM for restoration.  Just in time for the SM’s birthday (it turned 40 on March 11th!), we will be having a celebration of our own when it arrives!  Can you believe it was back in 1970 that the world first met the SM? It was at the Geneva auto show that the SM made its mark in history and was considered incredibly advanced for its time.

SM stands for Sports Maserati (though some argue it stands for Sa Majesté in reference to the DS – i.e. Goddess, i.e. La déesse’).  Citroën purchased Maserati in 1968. As such, they were able to use the new 90-degree V6 Maserati had developed. Essentially a V8 with two-cylinders lopped off, the SM’s V6 (also shared with the Maserati Merak) is one of the most fantastically complex engines ever conceived.  The SM featured the world’s first variable-assist power steering system (known as DIRAVI) and one-turn to lock. All were powered by an oil-based hydraulic system.  Besides the steering the suspension, headlights, brakes and transmission were all run off the SM’s hydraulic system. It was and still is an amazing car!

Check out some photos of the SM as she sits now waiting for us to work our magic. Don’t worry, I will be updating you frequently on the restoration progress!

Citroen SM for Sale

The SM will be for sale once the restoration is complete, but I advise anyone who is serious about purchasing it to contact Eurocar Imports today.  Our vehicles do not last long and this will surely be a hot item.

Problems Starting Your 2CV?

citroen 2cv ignition partsThe ignition coil & HT lead set available for Citroen 2CV cars at Eurocar Imports solves the overheating problems many 2CVs had.  These coils are the ultimate replacement and will never have overheating problems—A must have for any 2CV owner!

About the Ignition Coil

This modern dry technology, resin set coil comes complete with 8.8mm H.T. leads and fitting bracket. The real answer to hot starting problems on any 2CV or 2CV based kit car.

This coil has the same primary resistance to a Ducellier 12v 2cv coil – so, if desired, can be fitted to a 2cv fitted with standard c.b points, Lumenition or 123ignition (we do not suggest that is necessary – just that it is compatible).

Order your Citroen 2CV parts online!