Citroen Ripple Truckette Coming to EuroCar Imports

This vintage Citroen Ripple Truckette is on its way to EuroCar Imports from Maryland.  We are doing one of our famous restorations so you’ll definitely want to stick around to see some ‘after’ photos.

We also have Citroen Truckettes for sale on our lot.

This small, hard working hauler is an excellent small business truck or even a cool family car. It’s great on gas mileage and they come at fantastic prices.

If you’re a Citroen car enthusiast, you’ll love adding the Truckette to your collection since most of its parts, more than 90%, are interchangeable with the 2CV (including new galvanized steel frames).

The Truckettes are a rare find in the US.  Many estimate that there are less than 150 in the US, imported here by enthusiasts and Citroen mechanics like me.

Keep checking back for updates on this one…she’s going to run and look brand new in just a little bit!

citroen truckette for sale