Cross Country Citroen

This Citroen is going across the country! It belongs to one of our clients who came to us last week for some work on his car.  We ended up changing out his frame and give it a full mechanic check before the big trip!

He is driving from MA to CA in this 2CV!   Right now he is down south…heading towards the Texas desert! Keep watching for updates on his whereabouts!

citroen 2cv

Citroen Truckette Still Has its French Inspection Sticker!

Check out the latest Citroen Truckette we have for sale at EuroCar Imports.  This amazing vehicle is such a rare find…it still has its French Inspection sticker on it that was there until 2003!!!

The Citroen Truckette is a perfect marketing tool for your business or just for fun.  It has a lot of character on its own but of course we can always do some restoration work and make it truly your own.

Check it out:

citroen truckette for sale citroen truckette for sale
citroen truckette for sale citroen truckette for sale
citroen truckette for sale

Citroen Food Truck Being Primed!

This is an update on our Citroen H Van that we are transforming into a food truck for an LA restaurant.  The H Van will be used to pick up and deliver fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets back to the LA restaurant.

The van is being primed right now, colors are next…Grey, Silver and Cream. This is one monster of an H van and it’s going to look insanely cool once it’s completed!


citroen h van
citroen h van citroen h van

Citroen H Van Being Restored at Eurocar Imports

This Citroen H van is really fun to work on.  When it’s done, it’s heading back to LA where it will be used as a delivery truck making stops between farmers markets and a local LA restaurant.

In order to accommodate carrying foods such as veggies and fruits, we are installing a new kitchen rack inside to keep everything secure.  Also performing all bodywork and finishing off with a fresh coat of paint.  We will post updated photos as soon as it’s done!


citroen h van citroen h van
citroen h van citroen h van

1950 Citroen 2CV Restoration

Our lucky customer is the owner of this incredibly beautiful 1950 Citroen 2CV.  It really was kept in great shape but they brought it to Eurocar Imports to have us restore its beauty so that it looks as great as it runs.

Here is some of the work that was performed on this Citroen 2CV

  • Upgraded to large 602cc engine/disc brake gearbox and modern LHM brakes
  • Kept whole external look from the 1950s– note the cool canvas trunk (standard on that year)
  • Custom wiring harness to allow for modern mechanics
  • Custom work on headlight bar/bumpers etc
  • Had larger wheel rims and tires shipped in from France to make sure car looks 100% authentic

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen!


citroen 2cv citroen 2cv
citroen 2cv citroen 2cv