Another Citroen 2CV Charleston Leaves EuroCar Imports

Another Citroen 2CV Charleston is ready to leave EuroCar Imports and head back home to Canada.  We gave this Citroen new chrome bumpers, new stereo and a fresh coat of yellow and black.

Check her out as we send her off!


citroen 2cv charleston citroen 2cv charleston

How to Winterize Your Citroen Car

EuroCar Imports, a specialty Citroen mechanic and vintage Citroen dealership, is offering Citroen enthusiasts important tips needed to keep their vehicle running smooth all winter long.

citroen carWith winter weather upon most of the country, now is the time for Citroen owners to take the time and inspect their vehicle’s fluids and charging systems. Cold weather, frost, and ice can all take a toll Citroen vehicles. Here are some tips from EuroCar Imports to ensure your car is winter weather ready.

1. Check your battery and electrical systems: Using the heat and windshield wipers can put additional strain on those systems. Besides providing comfort, these systems are also important to your safety by providing visibility.

2. Check and Change Fluids: Temperatures at night will drop low enough that antifreeze coolant or winter windshield wiper fluid is necessary to get the car going (not applicable for Citroen 2CVs). Find out if your engine needs lower-viscosity oil for the winter weather.

3. Check Windshield Wipers: Even if your battery is working and you have winter windshield wiper fluid, an old or damaged set of windshield wipers may not keep the windshield clean. Windshield wipers are essential for proper visibility in the snow, sleet and rain.

4. Check your tires: With any kind of precipitation comes the increased risk of losing traction. You should also check the tire pressure, its important that they are properly inflated to guarantee the best traction possible.  For Citroen owners who use their vehicle as an every day car, EuroCar Imports offers snow tires and chains.

5. Check your Heat: While this one might seem obvious it has been a pretty mild fall and you never know how well it works until you need it. Try it out before you have to drive to work freezing.

To have a complete and thorough inspection of your Citroen performed, call EuroCar Imports and let the experts ensure that your car is safe and ready to tackle winter weather.

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Citroen H Van Gets New Paint

Here’s another update on the Citroen H Van.  We have a bunch at EuroCar Imports now…this is the one that will be used in LA to go back and forth to the local farmer’s markets. The owner of this Citroen H van is a restaurant owner and will use his van to pick up and deliver the best fruits and vegetables around!

Last week we showed you some updated photos of the van getting primed…now she is complete with her new color scheme…cream, silver and eggplant.

Here she is…just a few more steps to go until she is ready to roll!

citroen h van citroen h van
citroen h van citroen h van

We Now Offer Custom Wiring Harnesses for Citroen Cars

Citroen vehicle owners who are missing that special spark are in luck: EuroCar Imports is proud to announce that it now offers electrical wiring harnesses for all Citroen cars. Custom-designed wiring harnesses are available for every Citroen model at prices that will attract both part-time hobbyists and discerning mechanics. Whether your Citroen is undergoing restoration or facing electrical problems, EuroCar Imports can get you the special, made-to-order wiring harness that will fit your car and answer your (vintage, auto-related) prayers.

EuroCar Imports, based in a state-of-the art facility in New Jersey and specializing in restoring and servicing classic Citroen vehicles, offers a full range of Citroen parts, and can special order anything a Citroen mechanic of discriminating tastes might require. Operated by authority-on-all-things-Citroen Noel Slade for over a decade, EuroCar provides high-quality mechanic service, custom restorations and imports vintage European cars. They are the go-to destination for anyone with an affinity for the unique looking French vehicles, with an exclusive access to a massive Citroen parts catalog and a special expertise with the historic car maker’s products.

EuroCar Imports is an exclusive facility in the entire Northeast offering a one-stop shop for Citroen enthusiasts. From parts to service, restorations to rebuilds, EuroCar Imports caters to a distinct group of clientele with shrewd taste.

Consumers who would like to learn more about EuroCar Imports can visit to view photo galleries of Citroen rebuilds and restorations or call 732-279-6453.