Citroen Skydell Truckette For Sale

Check out the latest rare Citroen to arrive at EuroCar Imports in NJ. A 1970 low roofline Citroen Skydell truckette for sale. This car has been hand perfected by the experts at EuroCar Imports. She received a new frame, upgraded 602xx engine, disc brake gear box and LHM brakes…plus lots more.

This truckette is in excellent condition, has been stored inside and used sparingly.

A true collector’s item!  Please contact us for more info. She will be gone in a blink of a eye!!!

Citroen 2CV Upgrade Packages

Owners and fans of the elegant European classic car the Citroen 2CV have a number of new reasons to check out EuroCar Imports. The New Jersey-based garage, which specializes in the products of French automaker Citroen, has designed a number of upgrades for the vintage vehicle.  There are over 10 standard option packages to choose from, and the company will also work on meeting a discerning customer’s own personal vision. The 2CV customization packages can be applied to any of the various 2CV models, including the Beachcomber and Charleston variants.


Citroen 2CV Beachcomber for sale at EuroCar Imports.

Among the many 2CV upgrades offered is a performance package, which boosts speed, improves handling, and adds enhanced valves, suspension, and transmission. There are several appearance upgrades available for both the interior and exterior, including a popular chrome option for those who love the look of a shiny car. There are several paint packages available, including a custom premium paint package, and one true to the original factory paint job. In recognition of the 2CV’s increasing popularity across the globe, EuroCar provides an Australian package, which converts the 2CV into righthand drive. Some more utilitarian options include multiple sound system choices, a cold weather driving package, and a safety package that installs three point seatbelts for each seat.

EuroCar Imports understands that every vehicle is a reflection of its owner’s personality. That’s why the garage is proud to offer Citroen enthusiasts so many options to make their vehicles uniquely their own. Citroen collectors are a rare breed with refined sensibilities and an appreciation for the classics, and each deserves a car befitting their individual taste. For those in search of that class-winning show vehicle or designing their dream ride, EuroCar is the first and last stop.

EuroCar Imports, operated out of New Jersey by founder and mechanic Noel Slade, is one of the world’s most exclusive Citroen facilities. The garage is known for its quality H-Van and 2CV restorations, and can get those hard to find parts for any Citroen vehicle. Citroen fans have found their Nirvana, and it’s located at 46A Flint Road in Toms River, New Jersey.

For more information about the 2CV customizations or restorations, visit or contact Noel Slade online at [email protected] or via phone at 732.279.6453 during business hours.

Our Citroen Restoration Process

EuroCar Imports is proud to release the details of their impeccable automobile restoration procedure. The New Jersey-based Citroen specialty garage uses an exhaustive process to both protect the integrity of the vehicle and to customize it to the customer’s specifications. Classic Citroen vehicles like the H-Van and the 2CV are given an exciting new life and restored back to excellence, becoming the prized possession of discerning collectors the world over.

citroen 2cv convertible

Citroen 2CV convertible for sale

Each vehicle that receives the EuroCar treatment has a number of brand new parts, often special ordered from across the globe. The engine, suspension and transmission are completely rebuilt, and the suspension is reworked. The car itself goes through a seven step process, during which every piece is inspected and replaced if necessary.  The car is expertly finished on the interior and custom painted, sealed for rust proofing, and neatly detailed to like new condition. Also important is the durability of the restored vehicle – many of them have survived a lifetime already, and the work put in at EuroCar ensures that they will survive several more.  For EuroCar Imports and its employees, the restoration process is much more than a job; it’s the task of preserving a piece of history.

EuroCar Imports is the most exclusive facility in North America offering a one-stop shop for Citroen enthusiasts. Operated by founder and mechanic Noel Slade, the garage is especially known for its top quality restorations, extensive offering of Citroen vehicles and procurement of Citroen cars from overseas. EuroCar is proud of its reputation as the go to spot for all things Citroen, and for the exceptional vehicles it produces.

For more information about the rebuild process, standard procedures and parts, or customization, visit or contact Noel Slade online at [email protected] or via phone at 732.279.6453 during our business hours.

Rare Citroen Beachcomber for Sale!

This is probably one of the coolest Citroen 2CVs around, a 1979 Citroen Beachcomber!  This Beachcomber is extra special as it was the Euro Car show car AND featured in Road and Track Magazine.  It’s for sale for serious bidders only.

One look and you can see that this 2CV is in EXCELLENT condition.  Another important piece of information here is that EuroCar imports did all of the restoration work on this beauty.   We finished the rebuild two years ago and since then there’s only been 500 miles put on the car. It’s in insanely good condition.

It’s had every possible upgrade and option added including a stainless steel exhaust, fog lights, canvas top, radio/cd player, luggage rack, Robri trims and more.

If you’re interested in the Beachcomber, please let me know asap as these photos are also up on and inquiries are coming in already….

CitroenBeachcomber CitroenBeachComber
CitroenBeachComber CitroenBeachcomber
CitroenBeachcomber CitroenBeachcomber
CitroenBeachcomber CitroenBeachcomber


Right Hand Drive Citroen Truckette In The Making

We work with a lot of overseas clients and one of the first questions they ask us is, “Can you make me a right hand drive Citroen?”  The answer to that is: YES.  We can fully rebuild and customize any classic Citroen car, truck or van into a right hand drive vehicle.  This Truckette is being converted right now in our garage in NJ.  Once complete, it’s going overseas to a customer in Australia.

Here are the first few pics.  Keep checking back for updates on this one!



RightHandDriveCitroen-1 RightHandDriveCitroen
rdh citroen truckette rhdcitroentruckette2

Citroen H Van Made Over to Cook and Sell Empanadas on Streets of San Fran

It’s finally done!!  We transformed a vintage Citroen H van into a full-fledged street kitchen for El Sur in San Francisco.  This H Van is originally from Auxerre, France, where it was used as a market van selling vintage clothing at farmers markets all over the Burgundy region. It was shipped to EuroCar Imports in New Jersey to be fully restored.

The H Van has the ability to cook El Sur’s famous Argentine-style empanadas and serve them up daily to hungry patrons on the streets of San Francisco.

Check out the photos of El Sur Citroen H van! It’s heading cross country to San Francisco!