Custom Citroen 2CV Restoration

The 2CV is just the latest restoration job for EuroCar, and we have a number of upgrades on tap for the vintage 2CV.

The Citroen 2CV will receive all standard restoration work, which includes engine, suspension and transmission rebuilds and a number of new parts. Additionally, it will receive a special 4-speaker stereo system and a custom interior. Included in the interior design are full carpeting with green and white stripes, custom vinyl door panels and seat covers done in special material, and a custom made headliner.

On the exterior, the car will be painted with top quality metallic purple paint and pearl white seat frames. The doors will be custom painted to allow for the additional of a white swirl down the side of the vehicle. To complete the look, the 2CV will have a handmade lavender-colored soft top installed, making an already distinctive vehicle stand out from the crowd even further.

Before pics below..After pics coming soon. Keep checking back with us!