Jerry Seinfeld In A Citroen 2CV

jerry-seinfeld-2cvJerry Seinfeld, actor and comedian best known for his sitcom Seinfeld, has a starring new role on the Sony-produced internet series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. An avid car collector, Seinfeld will feature a1950 pearl-gray model of the Citroen 2CV rebuilt by Noel Slade at EuroCar Imports. Seinfeld was seen driving the 1950 2CV recently in Manhattan’s West Village.

This isn’t the first car from our specialty garage that will be featured on television. EuroCar Imports previously had one of our Citroen H Vans featured in the pilot episode of ABC’s Pan Am.

EuroCar Imports focuses primarily on the vehicles of French automaker Citroen that produced the 2CV from 1948 until 1990. The Citroen 2CV was hugely popular in Europe and despite production of over 3 million cars, the 2CV is hard to come by in the United States and has become a staple for collectors.

EuroCar Imports restores and rebuilds vintage Citroen cars. Our team can personalize and enhance the Citroen 2CV, and other models, with numerous upgrade packages listed on their website. EuroCar Imports also helps customers with original ideas develop their vision to create the ultimate customized vehicle.