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The following are correspondence we have received from some of our customers:

November 27, 2012

When shopping for my dream car, I look around. I wanted something that was retro look but not old. So I looked at New Beetles, I looked at Austin Mini, I looked at Fiat 500. In the end, these were expensive and not me.

So I looked further on the web and found Citroen Eurocar Imports. It was from a listing on the web. I checked them out and sent an email. Noel Slade the owner, responded right away asking how he could help. I still had my doubt. Sure, a Citroen 2CV was the best way to express my French heritage but this was to be a commuter’s car, not a museum piece. So we talked, and talked. It took a bit more than a year of talking, changing my mind, waiting to get the right parts. I had provided Noel with an advance to be on the waited list. It was a long wait but it was worth every penny.

When you deal with Noel, you are not buying a car, you are building a dream, a customer relation and most importantly a friendships. Noel was able after our long discussion and emails to stay within budget and more strangely, to read my mind when I was visualizing the car. Usually, after fumbling in the description of what I wanted, he was coming back right away and saying “Got it, I know what you want”.

And then, I stopped in the shop to check on the rebuild. Seeing your car, there being worked on is an amazing experience. Noel was very accommodating even if his schedule was packed. I don’t know how he juggles with so many projects at a time but this is amazing.

When Josephine (the name of the car) arrived in California, it was another very emotional moment. The car encompassed 4 cars. My grand-father, my parents, my brother and mine. It was a labor of love more than a rebuild. Noel got all the aspects that made that car so special for me. Yes, it is a head turner, yes it is loud and aerodynamically challenged, but the mileage per gallon is awesome. And when I had a couple of problem on the car, Noel stood behind his work.

You can talk around, you can check references, everyone knows Noel and his works. He is the dream maker so start dreaming. I did and my family now enjoys a unique experience.

Sebastien Taveau


May 22, 2012


I have always liked the looks of the 2CV and spent many months checking on eBay and other sites looking for the right one. I knew very little about the car other than that I loved the design.

After seeing the Eurocar vehicles on eBay many times, I finally called them. The owner is Mr. Noel Slade, but that day I spoke with Whitney. I had many questions as I did not know too much about the car. Whitney answered them all. He was very patient and in no hurry to get off the phone until I was satisfied. I was not interested in any particular car but just wanted information.

After checking out a few more cars on eBay, I decided to fly up to Toms River and test drive a few of their cars. I felt that if I was going to invest in a 2CV I was going to get one that had no issues and had been thoroughly checked out by Eurocar. Mr. Slade gave me several names of satisfied customers and they gave me very positive reviews.

When I got to the shop, another one of his staff took care of me as Mr. Slade was out that morning. This person also had nothing but patience with me and I drove three cars before selecting the one I wanted.

I sealed the deal with Mr. Slade that day with a handshake and have been extremely happy with my purchase.

After getting the car I have had many other questions and Mr. Slade has responded to every one of them. I was very happy and somewhat surprised to notice that the morning after I first had the car in the garage, THERE WAS NOT ONE SPECK OF OIL ON THE FLOOR.

These guys love what they do and it shows.

Sam Scribner

citroen dyane

Citroen Dyane Capra

Noel and his team are artists — They produce objects that instantly draw attention with their iconic shape, styling, and fantastic paintwork. However, calling them artists would fail to convey the fact that the objects are fully functional vehicles, mechanically repaired, restored and upgraded for modern daily driving. In this sense, we could say they are mechanics, but that word fails to convey the artistic aspect and attention to visual detail. Artisan is the only word that comes close. Noel and the Eurocar Imports team are true Artisans.

I appreciated the excellent communication during the entire restoration process. I always received Noel’s attention when needed, even though I knew I was not not the only customer having a vehicle worked on at the time.

Almost everyone that looks at the car comments on how good the paint looks.

John Apfelbaum


Hi Noel,

citroen trucketteAfter having had the Truckette for a a week now I wanted to write and let you know my initial thoughts and extend my sincere thanks to you. What a fabulous job you have done on the restoration of the Citroen.

The workmanship is excellent, the finish wonderful and the stereo is rocking! The staff here love it and we have many plans for events for us to attend. So far in our drives around town we have been followed by curious families, snapped by camera-toting tourists and brought smiles to lots of faces.

It will definitely be an important part in the promotion of our business, and a lovely addition to the wonderful scenery here in the Canadian Rockies.

Without any doubt I have no problems in recommending your services to others. Thanks Noel!

All the best,


Green Extreme Outdoors Ltd.

Distribution and sales of Buff Headwear

August 31, 2011

I took deliver of my black cv2 in July and I have
been driving it around town to smiles and second looks.
This is the car for the cruise night car shows, after I pull
up everyone leaves the boring corvettes to look at my Citroen.
I also use the car in my business to bring people into my
trade show booth.

Mike Duffy

June 12, 2011

Hi Noel,

citroen 2cvLet me first apologize for my delay extending a special thanks for the job performed on my 2CV6. The car was above and beyond my expectations. You not only did what was promised, but you went beyond that. I love my little 2CV6 and it get special attention everywhere I go with it.

Noel, one of the things that impressed me most was your communication skills. The bi-weekly updates on the rework progression and the pictures made me feel I was there.

Again many, many thanks for a job well done. Feel free to use me anytime as a reference if you care.

Best regards,

Jim A. Taylor


Piedmont Aviation, Inc. (Retired)

December 2010

citroen cars

Noel hands over the keys to a Citroen for Andy to drive for the first time

I first heard about Noel and his Citroen Import Service over two years ago via an article in Road & Track. Being an inveterate car nut and Francophile, I vowed I would go visit his shop when I was down in NJ sometime. Fast forward to October 2008, and I looked Noel up on line and called his number on a rainy Saturday morning. A wonderfully cheerful British accent answered and subsequently identified himself as the proprietor, Mr. Noel Slade himself. I told him I had seen the article in R & T and asked if I might stop by that afternoon (not really wanting to sit and watch a Princeton football game in the rain.) Noel cheerfully replied that he was working in his shop all afternoon and to come in by all means.

When I arrived, I witnessed a wonderful assortment of weird and whacky Citroens in various states of assembly and repair. Noel was working on a gorgeous yellow and black Charleston 2CV restoration. Despite how busy he was, he then spent the better part of two hours touring me around his shop and yard, showing me his work, and chatting about cars and life in general. I thought to myself, “What a great guy — he seems like the real deal.” Pushing my luck, I volunteered that although I have been to France many times and admired the wonderful homely practicality and quirkiness of the 2CV, I had never actually driven one. He immediately handed me the keys to a classic maroon and black 2CV and invited me to go for a drive (after showing me how to shift that wierd black “Q ball” coming out of the dash.) After a glorious 15 minute drive, I was hooked. I went back to visit Noel again the next year, and he again spent as much time as I wanted talking all about the cars. Finally, I “pulled the trigger” and ordered a completely rebuilt 2CV Charleston in the classic maroon and black.

citroen cars

Noel (left) and Andy next to a maroon and black Charleston.

Fast forward to October 2010, and the car was ready. I “trained” down to NJ on Amtrak from Boston and picked up the car on a glorious sunny fall day. After a brief “shakedown” cruise, I proceeded to drive some 300 miles back to Boston, via Princeton, NJ, then northwestern CT to visit friends for the evening (they were enchanted with the car) and then on to Boston. You really get to “know” a car by driving it alone for an extended period of time. I instantly came to love “Chantal”, as my wife and I have now christened it. It is fun, frugal, quirky, and draws stares, cries of “what is that thing,” and “thumbs up” signs like no other car I have ever driven. (And as a car nut, I have driven many – the runner up for attention was my 1971 Saab model 96.) You cannot drive this car without being smitten with the mechanical purity and simplicity of its design, not the mention the constant connection with the road and your surroundings.

As for the restoration itself, Noel’s work is AMAZING. He and his #2 Whitney performed a true “frame off” restoration. The paint is gorgeous. The interior is spectacular. It truly is a “new” old car. In closing, all I can say is “Merci beaucoup, mon ami Noel.”

Sincerely, Andy Pickett, Boston, MA.

P.S. The photos are of Noel proudly handing me the keys.

October 2010


I own a Citroen 2CV Charleston grey on grey that I brought over from Belgium 7 years ago and have loved taking it around

my small town in ct. Recently there had been a squeak in the brakes and the car was temperamental in starting after I would drive it a few miles. As you can imagine I didn’t have a great amount of confidence driving it concerned whether I would get back home and was frustrated not knowing where to have it looked at by a mechanic who would know how to work on it.

Searching the internet I stumbled onto Euro car Imports and saw that they were specialists on working on Citroens with the 2CV being their specialty. I spoke with the owner Noel and reviewed his web site and committed to sending my 2CV to him in Toms River NJ and go for the whole works. Noel suggested that he could make it as good as new even better! I would also be able to give it a full stripped down paint job and change the color combination.

3 months later (I guess good things come to those that wait) I received a spectacular totally refurbished Citroen with new tires, brakes, suspension and galvanized frame as rust is a huge problem for these cars. I went with the Yellow and black color combination and must say that Noel and his team did a fantastic job! The attention to detail is great with him even carpeting the whole car which I didn’t have before.

The engine is beautiful and clean and the car starts up right away and I’m ready to go on that long country ride and experience the fall foliage canvass top down! Thanks Noel great job!


August 2010

Hi Noel

Just a note to say how pleased I am with the 2CV. The workmanship is excellent and the car runs and looks great! I must tell you I did think twice about buying a car unseen from a dealer in New Jersey and then contracting to have him restore it. (New Jersey is a long way from Carmel California) But when car came off the transport I knew I had made the correct decision.

Thanks for a job well done.

Richard Fredericksen

Dolores 5 N E 13th St

Carmel by the Sea, Ca

December 11, 2009


I have never bought a car before, let alone a 1977 Citroen 2CV. Noel has a passion and talent that is unmatched for what he does. Noel built the car with care and ensured that it arrived safely in Toronto despite the tight deadlines. His expertise, dedication and talent made the experience a truly memorable one.

Kate Chartrand

Director, Public Relations

Hermes Canada

July 15, 2009


I received my restored 2CV last month. It was a RHD dolly that had seen better days. The C pillars were mush, the toeboard not much better, and the sills were more like wicker baskets. However, after Noel and John put new sills, wings, and panels about the car, she is fresh as new. Granted the car is not brand new, it is fully functional, carries tremendous character, and is just a blast to hoon about town with.

As I have little mechanic experience, the car is tremedously straight forward in its mechanics and easy to work on. To date, Noel has been supportive with my many questions (both before and after the completed job). I did fly out twice (from Dallas) to go over each one of my personalized choices for the car. Noel was receptive to the changes I made, and carried them out. I got the car I wanted, and did not have to settle for one that didn’t suit me. Thank you Noel.

William Jones

July 6, 2009


Looking back its difficult to figure out where to start. Noel deserves so much more then just a simple thank you. About 9 months ago I contacted Noel just to inquire about the rebuild process, time involved, and of course price. What was amazing was that only after talking to Noel for five minutes I felt very at ease and comfortable talking to a complete stranger. There was never any pressure to buy now nor that I was wasting his time, even after I told him that I was not looking to purchase anything right now. But after three months of questions and many conversation, I took the big leap and put down a down payment on a rebuild. I was surprised by the amount of decisions and options available. Noel offers alot of custom options. The ball was rolling and the car was imported from France where the 1973 2CV had been built and spent its entire life. Every couple weeks we would talk or Noel would email me pictures of the cars progress.

Time was closing in on our agreed completion date and there was some unexpected delays. Noel is very professional and forthright he called and emailed me about a few unexpected delays, so we rescheduled to another date. The plan was to fly out and drive the car back to Chicago with my fiance Christine, about 800 miles with a couple stops along the way. I can’t think of a better way to test a rebuilt cars ability and it was about time for a great road trip adventure. But just a week before the scheduled pick up date tragedy struck Noel’s friend and body man John Fabrizio unexpectly passed away. My car is the last car John painted, and although I never met the man, looking at the car anyone can tell that John took great pride in his work and to honor him the car was happily named Jonny Red. What a beautiful car!!

The pick up day had finally arrived, starting with a 2hr plane ride followed by a 1.5hr bus ride that ended with a short walk to Noel’s shop. It was worth it all!! After nine months I finally met Noel face to face. He went over the car from top to bottom and front to back not missing any detail but reminding me to read the manual that it came with all awhile Christine was snapping pictures. We went for a test drive to see if any last minute adjustments were needed. I believe we stood around and talked that day for three hours.

If anyone were to question Noel’s rebuilds, I drove 800 miles only stopping for gas, food, and to sleep. That 800 miles was filled with mother natures’ worst high winds, heavy down pours, and screaming hot sun. All the while Noel was available via cell phone should any car problems arise. We made is back home safely. Noel I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work!!!

Jason Moore

November 19, 2008


Just received my 1980 2CV from Noel. I have bought many cars in my life, but this time was different for me. First, I don’t know much about the cars, as it is a gift for my wife (she loves them!). Second, I’ve never bought a car without seeing it first. I’ve heard of so many scams and I was a bit nervous. However, Noel immediately earned my trust. He provided accurate and detailed pictures and outlined all flaws with the car. As soon as I sent my cashiers check, Noel fedex’d the title and bill of sale back to me. Even though he and his wife had their first child during my purchase (congratulations again!), Noel kept me fully informed of shipping dates and sent me everything I needed when I asked for it. The car arrived and I am more satisfied than I imagined (my wife, too). It is better than Noel said and we are absolutely thrilled! You don’t have to be nervous with Noel…he will take care of you and treat you fairly. I think the car is awesome and I’m quite sure I will be working with Noel again. Thank you, Noel!

October 28, 2008


Recently I purchased a 1974 2CV6 from citimport and couldn’t be happier with the honesty I received from Noel Slade and his attention to my needs. I have always wanted one of these cars for emotional reasons as well as, in this day and age, for a certain practicality. When I researched where I might be able to find a 2CV, citimport turned up and in going to the website, there it was.

After contacting Noel and receiving quotes on upgrades and pictures of the car I bought as well as another car available, I felt confident on purchasing the car. Noel honestly told me that the car was in good condition, and I didn’t need to spend my money on things that weren’t needed. This cinched the deal as I trusted him to advise me on a car that was 3000 miles across country (I’m from California). He arranged the shipping and kept me informed as to day to day progress. I have asked for a few additional items, and he always has answered any questions and addressed what I have wanted through a responsiveness that is exceptional. I couldn’t express enough how I have trusted his judgment and have appreciated his taking care of me through this process. I love this car and everyone who sees it is taken by it, and what a way to make friends! It brings a smile to my face as well as those who come in contact with it. I would recommend Noel to anyone who

might be remotely interested in this type of car. Not only does he truthfully represent what the car is, he will get whatever part is requested and do so in a timely manner. Sara Olsen, Carmel, California

July 10, 2008


When I first contacted Noel about purchasing a rebuilt 2CV, I explained my concerns about rust, as Citroen vehicles are very susceptible. My first car was a DS model, and it rusted out, so I had first-hand experience with the problem. Noel explained his process for eliminating rust, including a new galvanized chassis, new body parts, special paint, etc. Satisfied that rust would not be a problem, I made arrangements to visit Noel at his shop. He went over all the details of the work he would perform and the parts he would replace. We also discussed options that were available. He showed me some examples of items and samples of materials.

One very important consideration was that I would be able to use a 2CV as daily, primary transportation. The answer to that, of course, is an emphatic yes, as 2CV’s are very reliable. I showed up with a long list of questions, and Noel answered everything to my satisfaction. We agreed to proceed, and within a day or two, the contract was signed and the proverbial check was in the mail. There was a period of a few months while Noel was busy attending to prior commitments and waiting for a candidate vehicle. I would periodically contact Noel to ask questions, he would contact me to confirm choices. It was rather exciting, getting to choose colors, upholstery material, accessories. I had specific requirements for a radio, and so purchased it myself and shipped it to Noel for installation}he selected speakers and had enclosures made. While waiting, I prepared myself for many aspects of Citroen ownership, and 2CV ownership in particular. I studied 2CV history, and refreshed my knowledge of Citroen history. I learned how the car would handle, what I could expect for power, highway driving, bad weather, I watched videos on YouTube and viewed photos on Flickr.

Essentially, I immersed myself in all things Citroen, yet there were two aspects of 2CV ownership that I never really planned on. First was the celebrity of owning this vehicle, second was the community of Citroen owners that comes with ownership. Finally, the delivery day arrived. I planned an adventure, taking the Amtrak train from my home in central Connecticut to Penn Station in New York, making a connection with New Jersey Transit shoreline route to within a few miles of Lakewood. The taxi driver was nearly as excited as I was to see my new 2CV. He asked a lot of questions, and that gave me an introduction to what would become a common occurrence. People are very curious about the car. Most have never seen one before. I have become known around my home as the guy with the funny, cool, cute, strange car. From the beginning, I’d hatched a plan to attend Rendezvous 2008. Since this is the 60th anniversary of the 2CV, I felt it would be perfect to attend in my very own 2CV. I \softline registered for the event, mentioning I was getting a 2CV from Noel, and made arrangements for lodging–why wait for the last minute! Well, when I visited Noel and confirmed my intention to purchase a 2CV from him, I was very surprised when he asked if I was planning to take it to Rendezvous. It turns out that the event organizer had contacted Noel about a customer of his (me) who had just registered and listed a 2CV as the likely vehicle he would be driving.

I learned, first hand, that Citroen owners are one big family. Everyone knows everyone else, and that means that there is a large support network. In fact, I have discovered there is another 2CV owner in my home town, and several Citroen owners in neighboring towns. Anyway, Noel promised to do his best to have the car ready in time and I did pick it up the weekend before Rendezvous If you are thinking about the purchase of a 2CV, consider, as I did, that you are getting a vehicle that is at least as reliable as something new. The cost is comparable, the fuel economy is exceptional, and it will be easier and less expensive to fix should something go wrong. The 2CV has a unique personality and stands out amongst the cookie-cutter Hondas, Toyotas, and whatever else. I looked at this as an opportunity to reclaim the fun of driving I had lost many years ago with automatic, power everything, sound-proofed, isolated cocoon-like cars. If everything sounds good so far, the trump card is that Noel will be there after the sale to provide ongoing parts, support, and service. Oh, the car has exceeded my expectations. It’s incredible fun to drive. It starts every morning with the first twist of the key. The ride is amazing, especially for such a small car. And, of course, wherever we go, people want to know all about it.

February 23, 2008


To any one interested in purchasing a Citroen; I highly recommend Noel Slade. My husband and I first bought a cute 2CV Charleston about 3 years ago, it arrived in perfect condition with all the customs paperwork having been taken care of and the shipping arranged for a reasonable price. Purchasing online was a bit nerve wracking the first time, Noel sent us photos, descriptions etc. however, one is never sure until the

car arrives…there were no problems. We have had a great time with the 2CV and Noel has sent us parts as needed,(oil filter, blank keys..).

I then decided that I wanted a DS, it needed to be 1971-73, have enclosed headlights and AC. The obvious person to contact was Noel, I sent him the requirements, not really not believing that one was available and he found my car. The car was shipped from Holland and trucked to me in beautiful condition, once again, for a very reasonable price. An added bonus is that Noel is very fun to talk with and prompt in returning phone

calls!! I recommend him without hesitation.

Susan Boutilier, Greenville, NC

July 12, 2007


Thus far, a week or so after my Citrœn 2CV arrived from Noel, the experience with it has been pretty idyllic. Given my mechanical aptitude and manual dexterity, somewhat akin to a trunkless elephant’s, the first days should have been horrible, but they were fun as I learned how to deal with a car where nothing is automatic. I live in Massachusetts so I had to put the car up for a safety inspection. Normal inspections for contemporary automobiles include emissions tests. My car, a 1980, only had to pass for the same criteria a 1980 vehicle would have to meet.

A local mechanic was so enchanted with the car, he got it ready, gratis, although I had to promise to take him for a ride afterwards. A young woman took one look at the car and said, “I’m in love.” Regrettably, that only meant with the 2CV. And the safety inspection was granted on the first try with nothing but admiration from the inspector.

The biggest problem with the car, I thought, would be driving it and relearning when and how to shift. That was a problem for approximately five minutes. Maybe less. It simply is a great pleasure to drive. I have thus far only driven it short distances (10 miles and under), and it does require more concentration and effort than the Honda Civic (2002), which I normally drive.

I have no idea how long I can keep the car on the road, but since I intend to be very careful with it, I see no reason why it shouldn’t outlast me.

Noel put the car together with care, and I have every reason to hope the whole experience will be far more happy than it all too often is with other vehicles I have owned.

April 9, 2007


It was a pleasure to deal with Noel. I bought an existing car that Noel was selling for another customer, and he was extremely helpful and honest throughout the process – prompt responses, very flexible with arrangements to see the car, and helpful and thorough with arrangements for shipping.

Dave Cummings

Dec 31, 2006


I purchased my 2CV from Noel a year ago. Driving the car from New Jersey to Michigan on the coldest weekend of the year was an adventure to say the least. Having no real heater, I nearly froze but the car purred along without a problem. Noel recently flew out to Michigan to work on a few of his customer’s cars. He is the only person that I will trust to work on my 2CV. Having dealt with several so-called experts while owning my last Citroen, I feel that Noel is the only one worth dealing with when it comes to repairs.


Dec 30, 2006


Sometimes when you reach your wits end it pays to get a professional to deal with the repairs. This is what I did when my 2CV had a major engine meltdown. I contacted Noel and arranged a special home visit by a 2CV specialist to come and make right what had gone wrong with my 2CV and in a short period of time my 2CV was back to it’s usual dynamic self. While it may seem odd to have a mechanic come to Michigan to repair my car I feel that it was more than worth it in the end and made for a quicker and more efficient method for repairing my car. It also speaks of Noel’s commitment to his customers that he would undertake such an operation. There is nobody else that you need contact in the USA for your 2CV needs.

Ben Boyle

Dec 20, 2006



I absolutely love my new yellow “duck”. She’s like a whole new car. . . I guess literally with the new paint, new frame, new roof, new exhaust, new interior and super-tuned engine she bears little resemblance to the little green rust machine that I brought you several months ago. I’m really glad you recommended the black with the “Mini” yellow. It really looks sharp together. I wish that you were closer so you could do all of the routine maintenance too! I appreciate you talking me through the minor idle adjustment over the phone, I felt like a real mechanic. This car really turns heads and I get a dozen or so thumbs up on most of my spins around town.



May 28, 2005


When my frame began to collapse I did not know what to do at first. I contacted Noel and he quickly and professionally took care of my frame and put my worries at ease. I heartily recommend Noel for all your 2CV repairs.

Ben Boyle

April 18, 2005


Good morning Noel,

The car got here last night. Everything seems great. I took it for a spin last night with the kids. What a difference. This is what I remembered it should be from years ago. it rides like a different car. I am driving her to work this morning, thank you.

Have a good weekend Noel, and thank you again.


November 17, 2005


My name is Patrick Jacques; I am French but have been living in the United States for the past 20 years.

I grew in France with a family that loved the Citroen brand. We had 2 2CVs then an Ami 6 and finally an Ami 8. We loved our Citroens.

For a long time now, my dream was to own a 2CV, I wanted to buy one and bring it to the States but I was not sure how to proceed knowing that it would be expensive to ship one back over the ocean.

Finally, after my last trip in France, I decided to try my luck on the Internet and on EBay. I realized with a great surprise that a 2CV was not as rare in the USA as I thought and that EBay had several listed at any given times but, with EBay, you don’t see what you buy and could be easily disappointed. I decided to join a 2CV chat group on Yahoo but there was not much help here until I received an interesting e-mail from Noel telling me that I could call him to get some advice how to buy a good 2CV.

I did call him and form the start he was really helpful telling me that they were a few places in America that were selling 2CVs, that I did not have to buy from him but I could anyway check his web-site. So I did and I found one that had just arrived at the Lakewood, NJ location. The price was not set yet so I called him back and we talked about that red cute 2CV, Noel said that, if I did not really care about having the car in super perfect body shape, the price would be more affordable for me. He added that the car would be put back in top shape mechanically with a bunch of new stuff on it like a new galvanized frame, new clutch, new disc brake system, and new headlamps. New exhaust and muffler,…He gave me a price and I thought it was fair (I did not even try to bargain). He suggested we had a electronic ignition to the car so I would have less worry about the ignition since I am not a great mechanical wizard, he told me that the car would be ready in a few weeks to be picked up. I then sent a deposit to secure the purchase.

We talked back and forth during the rebuilding process, Noel e-mailed me some pictures to show me how the car looked during that time. Noel was always there to answer the thousand questions I asked. He was always great also at answering my e-mails within a day. It was great to deal with him during the whole process.

Finally, he announced me that the car would be ready the following week, I decide then to drive to New Jersey from North Carolina to pick up the car my self (Noel had even helped me with getting some quotes from car shippers but I could not really trust any of them to handle the 2CV), we did agree on a day, asking me if I could spend some time with him at his shop to explain me about the car. He agreed to do that and he really did, it was great, we spent a whole afternoon going over the car. Noel explained me about the maintenance to do to the car, what could go wrong and if it did, he would be there to help me and guide me over the phone to fix what ever problem could arise (Let’s be realistic and not forget that the car is around 40 years old even if a bunch of new parts have been changed over the years). Anyway, we spent at least 5 or 6 hours talking about the car, I did also got some replacement parts from him like spark plugs, light bulbs… stuff that would be hard to find at your regular car store. Noel said that he could get any parts for the 2CV, they would be easy to ship from NJ to NC but I certainly did not have to buy them from him, that there were a few places on the Internet to buy them from.

I even met Rhonda, Noel’s wife, who was great so friendly and helpful, we talked about other stuff like Formula One racing that we all love.

Since it was getting dark, we decided to load up the car on the trailer I brought and they suggested to leave the trailer loaded with the 2CV inside their shop. Since I was not returning to NC until the next morning, the car would be secure for the night. The next morning, Rhonda and Noel were there to welcome me and to help me attach the trailer to my truck for that long ride home to NC.

Since then (it has been a week since my tip to NJ), we have been talking again back and forth over the Internet; Noel asking me how the car felt and how I liked it. The car has been handling great. My wife and son love it, we already gave her a name: Madeleine since the still has her old French Parisian license plates and since my wife who is American lived for six months in Paris in the Madeleine district. To tell you the truth, every time I drive that car, I am flooded with memories from my childhood that I had long forgotten; it is a great feeling. It’ all I was expecting, my dream is finally fulfilled, thanks to Rhonda and Noel.

Really it had been great dealing with Noel and Rhonda, they are two of the nicest people, they have a great sense of customer service and they are true to their words.

I highly recommend them if you are interested in buying a Citroen or even if you need help with buying one. As Noel told me: “The 2CV world in the US is obviously small so every body gets to know everybody else and that means a great sense of friendship between the 2CVs lovers occurs. We all become friends” We all bounded by that love of these old “French buggies” as somebody called it to me while I was getting gas on I-95 on my way back from NJ.

Patrick Jacques

November 14, 2005


I have been a 2CV owner for approx. 3+ years . I originally purchased my car from Eurocar and was satisfied with my purchase but always wanted to get everything checked over and put into “like new ” working condition. At the time there was no one in the New York / New Jersey area I felt was knowledgeable and honest to perform the work on my car.

That was until I found out about Mr. Noel Slade in Lakewood NJ. He has the most important ingredient in being a great mechanic, HONESTY!!. Along with a complete understanding of the unique workings of the Citroen it is a refreshing experience working with him. He performed a complete frame change, new suspension parts, shocks, king pins, brakes, electronic ignition, fluid changes and any other thing he found doing the above. How did it turn out? Let me tell you everything was “spot on”!!

I recently took the car to central Pennsylvania driving on freeway and country hills and the car is a total pleasure to drive . It had no problems maintaining 55-60 mph and when I converted the Kilo. to miles and figured out the MPG it was 41.1 at those speeds. I am totally satisfied with Noel’s work and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get anything done on their 2CV.

Paul Cramer