Citroen 2CV Rebuild – Marroon and Black

This maroon and black Citroen 2CV is at EuroCar Imports for a custom rebuild.  It will have nice chrome bumpers, a 4 speaker stereo, Canvas roof and Dynamat sound proofing.  Click here for information on our Citroen 2CV rebuilds.


Citroen 2CV For Sale – Black and Yellow Charleston

Here are the photos of the Citroen 2CV for sale. This is a black and yellow Charleston that was rebuilt in our shop and its been cared for extremely well ever since.  Very little driving and it’s in excellent condition.  This is a great opportunity to get into one of our custom rebuilt Citroen Cars without having to wait!

Citroen Cars Flying Off the Lot At EuroCar Imports

It’s been a busy few months here at EuroCar Imports.  We’ve been busy working on Citroen 2CV cars, the DS and a few Traction Avant vehicles as well.  We are really excited to go out to Hawaii next month.  We received an order from the for two Citroen H vans that will be converted into food trucks.  These will be the first H vans on the Island.  Also- we are going to to do a old fashioned air stream trailer for them as well.

Also getting more orders from Australia.  We customized quite a few Right Hand Drive Citroen cars for them last year and we are excited to be earning more orders.

More pictures and information to come on all of our projects.  Here are some photos of the Citroen cars on our lot right now.

See more of our work on our Facebook page.


Citroen H Van Going to Australia

This H van will be the latest EuroCar makeover to hit the streets down under.  We already have one custom H van cruising around Australia and it has generated a ton of inquiries to the shop from people wanting to customize their own personal right hand drive Citroen.

For more information on our Right Hand Drive Citroen cars, trucks and vans, visit our website.

Latest Citroen 2CV Rebuild in Celeste Blue

This is the latest Citroen 2CV rebuild performed at EuroCar Imports in NJ.  Done in Celeste blue with a 4-speaker radio.

Radiators for H Vans

We now have radiators for Citroen H Vans.  These radiators are all aluminum and never rust.  Every H should have one.  They are in stock at EuroCar Imports and you can also order online from our online store.  If you have any questions or need help ordering, please give us a call at 732-279-6453 or send an email to [email protected]

All Original Citroen 2CV For Sale

Here is the green Citroen 2CV that just came in today. She is really solid/all original and only 87000 kms from new!!!! Very hard to find ones like this now. Frame is perfect – no rust worries.

$15,500 fully serviced and ready to go. Will not last!

Citroen Traction Avant for Sale

This is a gorgeous Citroen Traction Avant that’s for sale at EuroCar Imports. This beauty is an all original!  The car will need some TLC but it’s such a nice base to start from.  Call us for prices or email us at [email protected]

Silver Citroen H Van

This is a cool looking Citroen H van with a nice black interior.  It’s going to Oregon and will be used at a winery.

1952 Citroen 2CV Arrives

Look what just arrived at EuroCar Imports! A 1952 all original, never painted Citroen 2CV. It was shipped here from Maine.  It sat in a barn for years.  Our mission–to get it back on the road!  Can we do it? Oh yeah!