Steering Arm Part Replacement For Citroen Cars

If your getting vibration though the wheel when it’s turned, have us check out the steering arms. They are prone to wearing. Look at new versus old arm below. We do our own Citroen car parts. Fully restored by our expert Citroen mechanic. All of our parts are worked on right here in the US. We are doing our part to keep jobs alive here in the states. Contact us for details about Citroen parts.


Award Winning Ripple 2CV

This ripple 2cv which we just finished went straight from my shop up to the show and won 1st prize…

We did it again!




Restored Citroen 2CV Ripple

This is a beautifully restored Citroen Ripple we did for one of our customers.

Outside looks vintage /inside looks vintage/under hood all modern wirh 602cc engine/disc brake gearbox/LHM brakes/custom built wiring harness.



Rebuilt Citroen 2CV Takes First Place in TN Car Show

This is a rebuilt Citroen 2CV we did for a customer.  This past weekend it took 1st place in the Annual Grand National Meet at the Antique Automobile Club of America’s car show in Lebanon, Tennessee

Citroen Truckette Restoration in Progress

This Citroen Truckette came in a few weeks ago…yellow at the time.  We are doing our full suite of Citroen restoration services on this truckette.

It went from yellow to sky blue and is also getting a new frame, rebuilt engine and general EuroCar makeover.

Here are some photos of the makeover in progress:

Citroen DS – The Most Beautiful Car

Possibly one of the rarest and most influential Citroen designs in the automaker’s history was named The Most Beautiful Car.  That was the verdict when Classic & Sports Car magazine polled a panel of the world’s leading car designers to nominate the most gorgeous cars ever.  Contact us for more information about owning a Citroen DS.

Citroen Car Rebuild – Watch it From Start to Finish

Ever wonder what goes into the rebuilding of a Citroen car? Check out our video that takes you through the process.

AK400 Gets Eurocar Restoration

This Citroen AK400 is getting a complete restoration by our team.  It’s going from yellow to sky blue and is also getting a new frame, rebuilt engine and general EuroCar makeover. Here it is on final part of welding before we take outside to be sandblasted. Then bodywork/paint.

Learn more about our Citroen restoration services.


This Citroen H Van Is Becoming a Coffee Truck

Sneak peak at the next Citroen H van in our shop to become a modern coffee truck.  Check out all of the equipment on this truck.  Find out more about our Citroen H van services which include custom rebuilds extreme transformations.  H vans work great as food trucks, coffee trucks, mobile hair and nail salons, farmer’s market trucks, mobile pet groomer’s, flower delivery trucks, and much more! We are willing to work with any company to make one of our H-Vans suit their needs.

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you. We procure H vans from all over the world.  We can find the van to suit your individual needs and make it whatever you want. Take a look at the Citroen H Van food truck we did for El Sur in California!  We transformed a vintage Citroen H van into a full-fledged street kitchen.

Custom Citroen 2CV With Ripple Hood and Suicide Doors

This is a very special custom order at EuroCar Imports that we are thrilled to be working on.  It’s a old style 1950s Citroen 2CV with ripple hood and suicide doors.  This car is getting the works including:


  • Upgraded with custom paint
  • Modern large engine
  • Disc brake gearbox
  • 12 volt electronics
  • Total custom wiring harness
  • Brand. New Speedo only 1 mile driven so far.

This 2CV is going to be a real show stopper for our lucky customer.  She’ll be driving around Maine when we are all done with her.  For more information on our Citroen 2CV custom rebuilds, email us at [email protected]