Award Winning Ripple 2CV

This ripple 2cv which we just finished went straight from my shop up to the show and won 1st prize…

We did it again!




Restored Citroen 2CV Ripple

This is a beautifully restored Citroen Ripple we did for one of our customers.

Outside looks vintage /inside looks vintage/under hood all modern wirh 602cc engine/disc brake gearbox/LHM brakes/custom built wiring harness.



Rebuilt Citroen 2CV Takes First Place in TN Car Show

This is a rebuilt Citroen 2CV we did for a customer.  This past weekend it took 1st place in the Annual Grand National Meet at the Antique Automobile Club of America’s car show in Lebanon, Tennessee

Custom Citroen 2CV With Ripple Hood and Suicide Doors

This is a very special custom order at EuroCar Imports that we are thrilled to be working on.  It’s a old style 1950s Citroen 2CV with ripple hood and suicide doors.  This car is getting the works including:


  • Upgraded with custom paint
  • Modern large engine
  • Disc brake gearbox
  • 12 volt electronics
  • Total custom wiring harness
  • Brand. New Speedo only 1 mile driven so far.

This 2CV is going to be a real show stopper for our lucky customer.  She’ll be driving around Maine when we are all done with her.  For more information on our Citroen 2CV custom rebuilds, email us at [email protected]

Citroen 2CV Rebuild – Marroon and Black

This maroon and black Citroen 2CV is at EuroCar Imports for a custom rebuild.  It will have nice chrome bumpers, a 4 speaker stereo, Canvas roof and Dynamat sound proofing.  Click here for information on our Citroen 2CV rebuilds.


Latest Citroen 2CV Rebuild in Celeste Blue

This is the latest Citroen 2CV rebuild performed at EuroCar Imports in NJ.  Done in Celeste blue with a 4-speaker radio.

Citroen 2CV Wins Car Show!

Congrats to our customer! His Citroen 2CV took 1st place at a car show in New Hope, PA recently.  We did the rebuild on his Citroen back in June and since then he’s been taking it to car shows around the country.  This time he took 1st  place!

Here he is in his 2CV!


Citroen 2CV – Something Blue

citroen-2cvHow does that saying go when you get married…something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…well we’ve got the perfect ‘something blue’ for you…A Citroen 2CV!  She just had a full paint job, new stereo and new electrics (wiring harness/alternator/battery/brakes/seats/interior/engine).

And she’s off!  Oh the blue Mehari next to her is almost done too…we’ll be posting more pics of that one soon!  Check out our Facebook page to get all of the updates.



Jerry Seinfeld In A Citroen 2CV

jerry-seinfeld-2cvJerry Seinfeld, actor and comedian best known for his sitcom Seinfeld, has a starring new role on the Sony-produced internet series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. An avid car collector, Seinfeld will feature a1950 pearl-gray model of the Citroen 2CV rebuilt by Noel Slade at EuroCar Imports. Seinfeld was seen driving the 1950 2CV recently in Manhattan’s West Village.

This isn’t the first car from our specialty garage that will be featured on television. EuroCar Imports previously had one of our Citroen H Vans featured in the pilot episode of ABC’s Pan Am.

EuroCar Imports focuses primarily on the vehicles of French automaker Citroen that produced the 2CV from 1948 until 1990. The Citroen 2CV was hugely popular in Europe and despite production of over 3 million cars, the 2CV is hard to come by in the United States and has become a staple for collectors.

EuroCar Imports restores and rebuilds vintage Citroen cars. Our team can personalize and enhance the Citroen 2CV, and other models, with numerous upgrade packages listed on their website. EuroCar Imports also helps customers with original ideas develop their vision to create the ultimate customized vehicle.

Citroen 2CV Restorations- Production Line

At EuroCar Imports, we can turn your Citroen dream into a reality.  We have worked with many customers to create the Citroen car of their dreams.  From exterior color schemes and enhancements to original interior designs, if you can dream it–we can make it.

Here is a Citroen 2CV frame on our production line. It’s going to be a maroon and black 2CV with a custom maroon and black interior.  Check out the custom Citroen interior we did for this one!  Maroon and black seats to match the exterior color scheme.  We also did custom doors as well.

We believe that a vehicle is a reflection of its owner and we want to make your vehicle as personalized as possible. If you’ve ever been to a Citroen car show, you would know that there are no identical 2CV’s. These vehicles are highly customizable and are available from EuroCar Imports with many unique options and upgrades. We have worked with many customers to turn their dream car into reality, so if you would like to keep it simple with some elegant chrome accents or go wild with your own original interior designs and exterior color schemes, we can make it happen! We’re happy to work with you.

Citroen 2CV Production Line