Citroen Truckette Restoration in Progress

This Citroen Truckette came in a few weeks ago…yellow at the time.  We are doing our full suite of Citroen restoration services on this truckette.

It went from yellow to sky blue and is also getting a new frame, rebuilt engine and general EuroCar makeover.

Here are some photos of the makeover in progress:

AK400 Gets Eurocar Restoration

This Citroen AK400 is getting a complete restoration by our team.  It’s going from yellow to sky blue and is also getting a new frame, rebuilt engine and general EuroCar makeover. Here it is on final part of welding before we take outside to be sandblasted. Then bodywork/paint.

Learn more about our Citroen restoration services.


Citroen Traction Avant for Sale

This is a gorgeous Citroen Traction Avant that’s for sale at EuroCar Imports. This beauty is an all original!  The car will need some TLC but it’s such a nice base to start from.  Call us for prices or email us at [email protected]

1952 Citroen 2CV Arrives

Look what just arrived at EuroCar Imports! A 1952 all original, never painted Citroen 2CV. It was shipped here from Maine.  It sat in a barn for years.  Our mission–to get it back on the road!  Can we do it? Oh yeah!


Traction Avant Full Restoration

citroen-traction-avantThis stunning Citroen Traction Avant was just shipped to us from MI.  We are doing a full restoration on it.

Here’s some more info on this model:

From the French term meaning forward traction, this innovative front wheel drive automobile was first introduced in 1934. It was the world’s first front wheel drive steel monocoque production car, and helped pioneer front wheel drive on the European mass car market. The Traction Avant always possessed a unique look.

-3The Traction Avant’s structure was an arc-welded monocoque (unitized body). Monocoque construction (also called Unit Body or “Unibody” in the US today) results in a lighter vehicle, and is now used for virtually all car construction, although body-on-frame construction is still suitable for larger vehicles such as trucks.

citroen-traction-avant The Traction Avant was a fuel sipping automobile years before it was considered hip. Since it was considerably lighter than “conventional” designs of the era, it was capable 62 mph, and only consumed about 24-28 MPG.

Custom Citroen Mehari – Now Taking Orders

We are taking orders for fully rebuilt, custom Citroen Mehari cars.  The rebuilds on the Mehari will include all new seats, new body and frame, new top, etc. You can choose the colors of your liking…we even offer marine radio and speakers to make the interior semi water-proof.

For more information, call EuroCar Imports at 732-279-6453 or send us an email at [email protected]


Citroen Mehari in Red all done and ready to go home to her owner.


Working on this custom Citroen Mehari with white leather seats and waterproof radio/speakers.

Citroen Mehari – Waterproof Radio & Speakers

The Citroen Mehari at EuroCar Imports is coming along nicely!  It’s got sleek white leather seats and we are installing a marine radio and speaker system so this open air vehicle won’t have to hide from the rain!  This is the ultimate open air driving experience in a timeless vehicle!



Rare Citroen Mehari In The Shop

It’s rare to have even one –but we have two Citroen Mehari vehicles at EuroCar Imports.  One is getting an upgraded engine and the other — a total body restoration including a brand new body shell!!!

Check out the first photos of these off-roading utility vehicles.  There will be LOTS more to come so be sure to check back and also ‘Like’ our Facebook page to see the latest restorations and rebuilds we are working on.

Citroen 2CV Gets New Sound System, Exterior and Interior

This Citroen 2CV is all done and she’s off to California today.  She got a new exterior and new paint job, brand new interior that also includes a new sound system.

Vintage Restorations: Fiat and Renault

We just got two new beauties at EuroCar Imports that are here for a complete restoration: A nice Fiat and Renault.   Both are getting full restorations: Body/paint/interior/mechanics.


These customers also have Citroen cars in our shop that we are doing the same thing for :-)