Citroen 2CV Truckette

citroen 2cv trucetteAnother one of our famous rebuilds is in effect and this time we are working on a rare Citroen 2CV Truckette.

The Truckette was originally designed to be a commercial version of Citroen’s immensely popular 2CV. During the late Fifties and throughout the Sixties and Seventies, the Truckette was the vehicle of choice of most butchers, bakers and candlestick makers throughout France. The Truckette also caught on with small families as the Truckette could be fitted with an extra rear seat and side windows.

Today, business owners love the Truckette for many of the same reasons it was revered in the 50’s and 60’s; small enough to be a comfortable daily driver with enough room to transport goods and equipment with ease. Because they have such a unique look and are rarely seen on the road, the Truckettes make great promotional vehicles. We can outfit any Citroen model with your business colors to act as a moving billboard on the road and get seen by hundreds daily!

citroen 2cv trucketteOnce we have finished with this rebuild, she’s going off to California!

Photos of the Citroen Truckette

See our entire photo album of these ‘before’ photos of the Truckette in our Flickr photo stream.  Then check back often to see the completed version!

New Photos of Le Creuset’s Citroen Truckette

Here are some new shots of the Citroen Truckette we recently outfitted for Le Creuset.  The Truckette is their new promotional vehicle. It’s completely customized to reflect their brand with their traditional bright orange color.  The Truckette makes a great promotional vehicle. It’s size, shape and convenient cargo space provides everything business owners need to prominently display their business and transport items back and forth.

Remember, we can customize any Citroen car, truck or van to match your company’s identity, just like we did for Le Creuset.  Here are the latest photos of their Truckette:

citroen truckette for le creuset citroen truckette for le creuset
citroen truckette for le creuset

Le Creuset Truckette– FIN!

Here are the finished photos of the vintage Citroen Truckette that will be used by Le Creuset to promote their new line of cookware products.

Check Out What’s Cooking with Le Creuset’s Truckette

Le Creuset purchased one of our Citroen Truckettes to use as a promotional vehicle.  We’re just in the middle of giving it a totally new look to match Le Creuset’s branding.  You can see from some of the photos that we’ve put a shiny coat of bright orange paint on so far, Le Creuset’s signature color.

Le Creuset Purchases Citroen Truckette

citroen trucketteLe Creuset, makers of premier enameled cast iron cookware, has just purchased the rare Citroen Truckette for sale at Eurocar Imports.  Le Creuset will be traveling around the country in this unique looking Citroen to promote their new stores and new products.

The use of Citroen cars to promote businesses, products and services is a rapidly growing trend.   Recently, Eurocar Imports outfitted a custom Citroen 2CV for Hermes of Toronto.

The Citroen Truckette is a commercial version of the 2CV and is widely used among small businesses to promote their brand.

Eurocar Imports can custom wrap and outfit any Citroen car or vintage European car to represent your business and help promote awareness of your service and product.

If you are interested in purchasing a Citroen car for your business, please contact Eurocar Imports at 732-279-6453.

Rare 1978 Citroen Truckette for Sale

When it comes to rare, vintage European cars, you can’t get any more elusive than the Citroen Truckette.  There are very few Truckettes in the USA.  Some estimate that under 150 Truckettes exist here in the US, and we’ve got at least 1 that’s for sale right now.

What makes the Truckette so unique is that it was designed as a commercial vehicle for small business owners, but consumers soon fell in love with its compact exterior appearance and spacious interior.  The Truckette can squeeze into tight parking spaces while offering a deceivingly spacious cabin.  In France, business owners used the Truckette to transport goods and materials while larger families found it to be the perfect vehicle for hauling kids and cargo. 

Today, many modern businesses are using restored Citroen Truckettes as promotional vehicles for their business.  Besides being one of the most unique looking vehicles on the road, the Truckette is incredibly fuel efficient.

This unique Truckette from 1978 available at Eurocar Imports has the high roof line, which is even rarer. It even has the original Citroen roof rack.  The Truckette is being fully restored, and will be receiving new floor pans/rockers/rear light panels/fenders, a new engine and much more.  The new owner will be able to choose the paint color of choice.

If you are interested in learning more about Citroen cars for sale, please contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at 732.279.6453.

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Rare Citroen Truckette For Sale

Eurocar Import Services is proud to announce that we have just received a very rare Citroen Truckette for sale.  This gorgeous vintage truck is going to be restored to its modern day beauty by our expert Citroen mechanics and the lucky owner will be able to choose its final color as well as customizations. There are lots of new Citroen parts going on this truck including new floor pans/rockers/rear light panels/fenders and way way more.

The Citroen trucks are really hard to find in Europe– let alone over here in the states. THIS WILL GO QUICKLY and will increase in value very quickly over the next few years.

View more photos of this Citroen Truckette for sale.

citroen truckette for sale citroen truckette for sale

Please contact us at 732-279-6453 for more info on this beauty.

Upgraded Citroen AK350 Truckette

This AK350 Truckette has received a complete makeover and upgrade.

The car now features a galvanized frame, 602cc engine with LHM disc brake gearbox, restored body shell and much more!!