Le Creuset Purchases Citroen Truckette

citroen trucketteLe Creuset, makers of premier enameled cast iron cookware, has just purchased the rare Citroen Truckette for sale at Eurocar Imports.  Le Creuset will be traveling around the country in this unique looking Citroen to promote their new stores and new products.

The use of Citroen cars to promote businesses, products and services is a rapidly growing trend.   Recently, Eurocar Imports outfitted a custom Citroen 2CV for Hermes of Toronto.

The Citroen Truckette is a commercial version of the 2CV and is widely used among small businesses to promote their brand.

Eurocar Imports can custom wrap and outfit any Citroen car or vintage European car to represent your business and help promote awareness of your service and product.

If you are interested in purchasing a Citroen car for your business, please contact Eurocar Imports at 732-279-6453.