Very Rare 1960 Ripple Bonnet 2CV For Sale

This is a very unusual opportunity to own an original 1960 Citroen Ripple Bonnet 2CV.   The vehicle is currently in England, waiting to be exported to the US.  Once it arrived at Eurocar Imports, we will be performing a full restoration.  The car will look and feel brand new.

The Ripple Bonnet was first introduced in 1960, when the Citroen 2CV was updated. In particular the corrugated Citroën H Van style “ripple bonnet” of convex swages was replaced (except for the Sahara), with one using six larger concave swages.

These genuine Ripples are very rare in Europe and worth a considerable amount of money worldwide.  This is a great chance to own a real piece of history.

Here are a few photos of the vehicle. I will post more soon after we have made some progress with the restoration, she’s going to look amazing!