Citroen SM Just In!

citroen sm for sale

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Wow! I am like a kid in the candy store today!  Just got word that we will be soon be getting a vintage Citroen SM for restoration.  Just in time for the SM’s birthday (it turned 40 on March 11th!), we will be having a celebration of our own when it arrives!  Can you believe it was back in 1970 that the world first met the SM? It was at the Geneva auto show that the SM made its mark in history and was considered incredibly advanced for its time.

SM stands for Sports Maserati (though some argue it stands for Sa Majesté in reference to the DS – i.e. Goddess, i.e. La déesse’).  Citroën purchased Maserati in 1968. As such, they were able to use the new 90-degree V6 Maserati had developed. Essentially a V8 with two-cylinders lopped off, the SM’s V6 (also shared with the Maserati Merak) is one of the most fantastically complex engines ever conceived.  The SM featured the world’s first variable-assist power steering system (known as DIRAVI) and one-turn to lock. All were powered by an oil-based hydraulic system.  Besides the steering the suspension, headlights, brakes and transmission were all run off the SM’s hydraulic system. It was and still is an amazing car!

Check out some photos of the SM as she sits now waiting for us to work our magic. Don’t worry, I will be updating you frequently on the restoration progress!

Citroen SM for Sale

The SM will be for sale once the restoration is complete, but I advise anyone who is serious about purchasing it to contact Eurocar Imports today.  Our vehicles do not last long and this will surely be a hot item.