H Van Restorations

Thank you for your interest in our rebuilt Citroen H-Van’s! These vans have an eye-catching European look and are user-friendly enough to suit any business needs. They work fantastically well as food trucks, coffee trucks, mobile hair and nail salons, farmer’s market trucks, mobile pet groomer’s, flower delivery trucks, and much more! We are willing to work with any company to make one of our H-Vans suit their needs.

At Eurocar Imports, we recognize the importance of effective and affordable advertising. With your logo on the side of a Citroen H-van, you will attract attention and potential business anywhere you travel. They are true mobile billboards! That’s why we offer Citroen H-Van’s to businesses at all price ranges and levels of restoration. Whether you just want a vehicle that is unique and mechanically sound or a true show piece, we can make it happen.

Here is a list of new and rebuilt parts that come on a fully restored Citroen H-van. Keep in mind, we are willing to work with companies and people who do not wish to go this extent during their restoration process.

·        Rebuilt Engine
·        Rebuilt Transmission
·        New Clutch
·        Rebuilt Carburetor
·        New steering components
·        New exhaust (upgradable to stainless steel)
·        All new seals and gaskets
·        All hoses and fan belt
·        New ventilation system
·        New Brakes
·        Option to upgrade to power steering!
·         Upgrade Electronic ignition
·         New wiring harness
·         New battery

Inside of an H Van customized for a mobile food business in San Francisco

·         Painted seat frames
·         Completely new seat cover, cushion, canvas, and rubber bands.
·         Painted dash board
·         New sun visor
·         Painted floor pieces
·         Optional Premium Sound Radio!

There are so many different options for the space in an H-van that it is hard to list.

Here are just some ideas of what we do with the space back there…
·         We’ve laid down carpet.
·         We’ve laid down durable laminate so it would withstand dirt and mud.
·         We’ve installed shelves on the sides and a corner shelf by the driver’s seat.
·         We’ve installed all the equipment for a food truck including ovens, grills, refrigerators, sinks, display cabinets, generators, etc.
·         We’ve opened up the sides to make access to customers easier for food vendors.

H-Van’s come in three different lengths; the normal wheel base (8ft bed), the extended wheel base (11ft bed), and the maximum extended wheel base (16ft). We can assist you in the decision of which length best suits your needs. We have also raised the roof on H-Vans to create more head room inside. Here is a list of work we perform on the exterior.
·         Entire body is sandblasted
·         Fiberglass tail gate
·         Fiberglass spare tire cover
·         Fiberglass gas tank cover
·         Fiber glass pieces will never rust or corrode!
·         Upgraded truck mirrors (they really help when trying to park, these things are no joke!)
·         Custom paint job with many different color options (base coat/clear coat   option available)
·         Infinite possibilities to put banners, logos, and signs on this vehicle!
·         New tail lights, blinkers, and head lights

These are just some of the work we perform and parts we replace. Our restorations are thorough and complete. We pay extreme attention to detail! If you can imagine it, we can do it. For more information on our H-van restorations, feel free to call 732.279.6453 or email [email protected]