At EuroCar Imports, we take pride in the fact that we have perfected the Citroen restoration process to protect the integrity of these historic vehicles. All of our processes and procedures ensure that our cars are built to the customer’s specifications and will stand the test of time.

Here is the list of brand new parts that come standard on every Citroen rebuild!
·         A brand new galvanized frame that is guaranteed to never rust!
·         New Bushings and Bearings
·         New CV joint boots
·         New Drive shaft boots
·         New Brake lines
·         New Fuel lines
·         New Shock Absorbers
·         5 New tires (including the spare)
·         New galvanized floor pans
·         New box section
·         New fenders (front and rear)
·         New bumpers (option to upgrade to chrome)
·         New soft top (with option to upgrade to new canvas style)
·         New Seat Covers
·         New Seat rubbers, canvas, and foam
·         New head lining
·         Full Black Carpeting standard (option to upgrade to colored carpet)
·         New Door Rubbers
·         New Mirrors
·         New Internal and External Window Catches
·         Stainless steel fender bolts and washers (front and rear)
·         New heating and ventilation ducting
·         New battery
·         New full exhaust system with new clamps and hangers (option to upgrade to stainless steel)
·         Rebuilt 602cc engine
·         Rebuilt double-barrel carburetor
·         New Electronic Ignition standard!
·         Next fan belt
·         Low mileage disc-brake transmission (option for upgrade reconditioned transmission)
·         New Clutch Kit
·         Brake Caliper Rebuild
·         New rear shoes and cylinders
·         New front discs and pads
·         Hood insulation
·         New grill
·         Genuine black and white French plate on rear body panel with bracket to hold state-mandated plate on bumper.
·         New single-stage paint job (option to upgrade to basecoat-clear coat)

All of our parts are high quality manufacturer replacements!

The process for a rebuild has many steps. Each stage is taken with extreme care and by our passionate professionals. To the employees of EuroCar Imports, the restoration process is much more than a job; it is the task of preserving a piece of history.

7 Steps to Citroen Restoration

  • Step one: The entire car is disassembled and inferior or damaged parts are thrown away. We use a detailed checklist in which all parts must be accounted for. New parts are ordered so they arrive in time for the reassembly stage.
  •  Step two: We clean, paint, and rebuild suspension parts diligently. We test all of our parts for quality assurance. Next, we install the rebuilt suspension parts on a brand-new galvanized frame. Simultaneously, our welding and fabricating team replaces rusted body panels with brand new galvanized pieces. If the car is going to a right-hand drive country, we make the conversion at this time. The new panels are seamlessly welded in and the welds are seam-sealed to prevent rust.
  • Step three: We sand the entire car to get rid of the old paint and sand blast any minor surface rust. Next, we perform any body work needed using high-quality products. After that, we prime the entire car and panels and sand out any last imperfections in the primer.
  • Step four: The car is painted with high-quality single-stage paint to the customer’s specifications (Base-coat, clear-coat available on the options list.)
  • Step five: The entire under carriage is under sealed as a part of our rust-prevention package, free of charge. We also under seal the back side of the wheels and the panels.
  • Step six: The freshly painted body is carefully mounted to the new frame which already has the new mechanics installed. This is the most meticulous step in the process because we go to great lengths to ensure all the details are taken care of. The interior is carpeted and then put back together completely.
  • Step seven: The car is test driven and professionally detailed. Each of our cars receive a clear United States title which makes transfer of ownership very simple. You may pick your car up personally, or we can deliver it to your location in an open or closed car trailer. We are experts in international shipping!

For more information about the rebuild process, standard procedures and parts, or customization, contact Noel Slade at [email protected] or call 732.279.6453 during our business hours.

Off Premise Citroen Import Restoration

Noel Slade is available for off premise restoration of your Citroen import.  If you prefer to have service or repair work performed on your Citroen without leaving your home, contact Noel for more details.

View before and after photos of all of our Citroen Car Restorations.