2CV Enhancements

We believe that a vehicle is a reflection of its owner and we want to make your vehicle as personalized as possible. If you’ve ever been to a Citroen car show, you would know that there are no identical 2CV’s. These vehicles are highly customizable and are available from EuroCar Imports with many unique options and upgrades. We have worked with many customers to turn their dream car into reality, so if you would like to keep it simple with some elegant chrome accents or go wild with your own original interior designs and exterior color schemes, we can make it happen! We’re happy to work with you.

Below is a list of packages and upgrades we currently offer, however we are willing and able to work with a customer on any original ideas and customizations.

Citroen 2CV Upgrade Packages

This is one of our most popular packages because people love to see their 2CV’s shine. Parts are available for individual purchase but discounts are given based on quantity of parts ordered. Parts available in chrome finish are…
·         Bumper set $975
·         Robri trim: 8 pieces-$850/6 pieces-$650
·         Windshield Wiper arms $300
·         License Plate Holders $35
·         Inner Window Catches $35
·         Hub Caps $85
·         Moon rings $150
·         Tail light holders $45
·         Head light buckets $395
·         Fresh Air Flap $180
·         Blinker Buckets $40
·         Chevrons $30
·         Gas Cap $35
·         Tail Pipe$35


All rebuilds from Eurocar Imports come with standard-black painted accessories. However, we give our customers the opportunity to upgrade to car-color matched accessories. The color matched package includes car-color…
·         Seat frames
·         Seat tracks
·         Dash Board
·         Emergency brake
·         Steering wheel (only applicable on old-style metal wheels)
·         Door Hinges
·         Window catches
·         Speaker Boxes (in combination with the Premium Sound Package)
·         We can also accent your car color with a beautiful, hand-made canvas top available in 25 different colors! $400

Price for the Color Matching Package is given upon request.

Every rebuild comes standard with a rebuilt 602cc engine, but people who prefer spirited driving may want to check out the high performance upgrades we offer!
·         High Performance Coil
·         Stainless Steel Exhaust
·         Racing Clutch
·         Lightened Flywheel
·         Racing suspension
·         Alloy Wheels
·         Reconditioned transmission
·         High performance valves
Price for the High Performance Package and individual upgrades are given upon request.

This is our most popular upgrade on rebuilds. Not many cars leave Eurocar Imports without having at least our basic sound package because we integrate the system into the car’s interior so elegantly!
The Premium Sound Package includes…
·         2 front speakers
·         2 rear speakers
·         A high quality head unit and radio/CD player mounted underneath the dash tray.
·         All speakers are in professionally crafted speaker boxes and carpeted. The CD player is mounted discretely underneath the dash tray.
·         If you choose to get the Premium Sound Package AND the Color Matching Package, you have the option to have your speaker boxes carpeted or painted car color.

Premium Sound Package costs $1050

We also offer satellite radio, MP3 connectivity, and navigation as an additional upgrade to our Premium Sound Package! This is a great way to bring modern convenience into a true classic. Pricing for these options are available upon request.

Our BASIC Sound Package includes…
·         2 front speakers
·         A high quality head unit with a radio and CD player.
·         The speakers and head unit are boxed in and mounted underneath the dash tray.

Our Basic Sound Package costs $500

This is a great option if you plan on carrying your friends and family in your 2CV or if you plan on using it for a daily commute. The Passenger Safety Upgrade comes with….
·         3-point safety belts in all four seats.

COLD WEATHER PACKAGE (Price upon request)
Cars from Eurocar Imports are sent all around the world. We offer the Cold Weather Package to help our customers cope with their harsh climates. Our cold weather package includes…
·         Snow tires (also, we can do a mud/snow combination tire)
·         Snow Chains
·         Fan motors installed into the vents to assist heating the cabin!

This package gives our customer the option to enjoy new mechanics, suspension, electronics, and interior options while enjoying the classic look of the old-style 2CV. This package requires EXTENSIVE work and CUSTOM MODIFICATION. Customers who choose this package receive…
·         A CUSTOM wiring harness designed and created specifically for the individual car to adapt the new mechanics to the old-style dash board set up.
·         An old-style body with a rippled hood and side mounted blinkers.
·         The list of customization for this package is simply too long and unpredictable to list. Each car has its own set of challenges we must face in order to make this package happen!

Price upon request and given on an individual basis.

With our Australian market expanding, we have streamlined the process of converting our cars into right-hand drive. In this process, we…
·         Exchange the old fire-wall with a right-hand drive firewall.
·         Change the dash board, steering, shifting and emergency brake to the other side of the car.

From the factory, Citroen 2CV’s came with a single-stage paint job, and that’s why we use that as our standard. However, cars today come with a two-step base coat/clear coat paint job. Benefits of this type of paint are…
·         Increased shine
·         Decreased orange-peel (although original 2CVs came out of the factory with orange-peel, some customers prefer the smooth shine)
·         Increased longevity of paint due to the UV protectors in the clear-coat.
·         Ability to sand and buff paint throughout the years to bring back the original shine.

Pricing for base-coat/clear-coat paint is available upon request.

Pictures and information for all of our packages and upgrades are available upon request. Contact Noel Slade at [email protected] anytime or call 732.279.6458 during our business hours.