Traction Avant

From the French term meaning forward traction, this innovative front wheel drive automobile was first introduced in 1934.  It was the world’s first front wheel drive steel monocoque production car, and helped pioneer front wheel drive on the European mass car market.  The Traction Avant always possessed a unique look.

citroen traction avantThe Traction Avant’s structure was an arc-welded monocoque (unitized body). Monocoque construction (also called Unit Body or “Unibody” in the US today) results in a lighter vehicle, and is now used for virtually all car construction, although body-on-frame construction is still suitable for larger vehicles such as trucks.

The Traction Avant was a fuel sipping automobile years before it was considered hip.  Since it was considerably lighter than “conventional” designs of the era, it was capable 62 mph, and only consumed about 24-28 MPG.

See a beautiful restoration of this classic beauty.  Click here to see a Traction Avant fully restored.