Citroen 2CV Convertible for Sale

citroen 2cv convertibleEuroCar Imports, a specialty Citroen mechanic and vintage Citroen dealership, has completed restoration work on a rare black Citroen 2CV convertible that the facility will now be putting up for sale.  During the last year of production on the 2CV, the color black was extremely limited.  It’s not common to see a black Citroen 2CV, especially a convertible none-the-less.

The vintage car boasts a sleek exterior paint theme in black-on-black and received many modern upgrades throughout.

Noel Slade, owner of EuroCar Imports and expert Citroen mechanic, added a number of enhancements to the interior and exterior of the vehicle including front head rests, a 4-speaker stereo system, an upgraded soft top and more.

The Citroen 2CV convertible is now for sale at EuroCar Imports.  The Citroen garage offers national and international shipping.  For information, contact Noel Slade at 732-279-6453 or via email at [email protected]

Photos of the Citroen 2CV for sale can be seen online at

Right Hand Drive Citroen 2CV for Sale

This Citroen 2CV belongs to a very good friend/client of mine.  I have worked on this 2CV myself so I can assure you that like the other Citroen cars we sell, this 2CV is in wonderful condition.  She  is fully rebuilt and a true beauty.

This vintage Citroen 2CV is from Europe, so the steering wheel is on the opposite side of the vehicle.

Does she look familiar at all?  She had a 2 page spread in Road and Track Magazine with yours truly a few years ago :-)

The asking price is $20,000.  If interested, call 732-279-6453.

Please see the photos below:

Very Rare 1960 Ripple Bonnet 2CV For Sale

This is a very unusual opportunity to own an original 1960 Citroen Ripple Bonnet 2CV.   The vehicle is currently in England, waiting to be exported to the US.  Once it arrived at Eurocar Imports, we will be performing a full restoration.  The car will look and feel brand new.

The Ripple Bonnet was first introduced in 1960, when the Citroen 2CV was updated. In particular the corrugated Citroën H Van style “ripple bonnet” of convex swages was replaced (except for the Sahara), with one using six larger concave swages.

These genuine Ripples are very rare in Europe and worth a considerable amount of money worldwide.  This is a great chance to own a real piece of history.

Here are a few photos of the vehicle. I will post more soon after we have made some progress with the restoration, she’s going to look amazing!

Another Citroen 2CV Rebuild Underway at Eurocar

This is the latest Citroen 2CV to arrive at Eurocar. She is going to be completely rebuilt and restored to her modern day beauty.  She’s gorgeous in classic red and white colors, but we are transforming her with celestial blue paint! Stay tuned to see her progression.  Unfortunately for anyone who has eyes for her, she is already spoken for.  But we have plenty more Citroen Cars for sale, so not to worry.

Her makeover will include:

– Rebuilt Engine and carburetor
– Stainless steel exhaust system
– Chrome bumpers
– Chrome robri trims for fenders
– Luggage rack for trunk
– Cd/radio with 4 speaker system

citroen 2cv citroen 2cv

Citroen 2CV Update!

This beauty is almost complete. You can see that she has been transformed with Celestial Blue paint.

citroen 2cv citroen 2cv
citroen 2cv citroen 2cv
citroen 2cv