Latest Citroen 2CV Rebuild in Celeste Blue

This is the latest Citroen 2CV rebuild performed at EuroCar Imports in NJ.  Done in Celeste blue with a 4-speaker radio.

Early Citroen Ripple with Suicide Doors

Here’s what we are working on at the moment. An early Citroen 2CV Ripple with suicide doors and lots of cool upgrades! She’s getting a ton of modern mechanics, 12v eletcronics, a four speaker radio system and new seats with a VERY cool paint job. Watch for more updates and photos on this one!

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citroen 2cv ripple

Latest Citroen 2CV Project

This gray on gray Charleston came to Eurocar for some mechanical work, but as often is the case, the car will be upgraded with a new galvanized frame/floor pans/box section.  When we’re done, we will be finishing off this 2CV with a classic yellow/black Charleston color combination!

More photos of the Citroen 2CV Wedding Gift

We really couldn’t help but share more photos of the Celeste Blue Citroen 2CV that we recently rebuilt for our customer who wanted to surprise his son with it on his wedding day. This was definitely a fun and exciting project to work on, knowing that his son was going to be surprised with the car on his wedding day.  It was waiting outside of the church when the Bride and Groom walked out!!

Below is a short photo album.

Check out the completed product–Citroen 2CV Rebuild

citroen 2cvRemember her? When you first saw her she was a little run down, rusty red paint and in need of a good overhaul. Well, we did exactly that. As part of her rebuild makeover, she received a:

– Rebuilt Engine and carburetor
– Stainless steel exhaust system
– Chrome bumpers
– Chrome robri trims for fenders
– Luggage rack for trunk
– Cd/radio with 4 speaker system

She’s ready to go back home now, in excellent condition and looking better than ever. Here are her ‘after’ shots!

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Rebuilding The Citroen 2CV

Here is another Citroen 2CV that has just arrived at Eurocar Imports.  You can see that the body has been stripped bare and is seconds away from being lifted off the old frame.  The rust damage is extensive!

citroen 2cv with rust damage

This car is having a full ground-up restoration including new galvanized frame/floor pans and complete body strip down.  All rust will be repaired and she will get a a fresh coat of 2-toned paint in grey along with new seats and tires. She’s going to look amazing when we’re done!

The floors have been totally cut out, you can see below.  Brand new floors will soon be welded into place.

Citroen 2CV Being Rebuilt Citroen 2CV rebuild

Here is what she looks like when she arrived, and check out the full gallery of her rebuild process below:

Citroen 2cv


We’ve been working hard on this rebuild.  The frame is now finished, as you can see below.  Everything is done in primer for now but a new coat of fresh grey paint (customer’s choice) will be applied next.  The engine is very oily but everything is now stripped down and ready to be cleaned!

Blue-White Citroen 2CV Rebuild

A nice blue/white Citroen 2CV rebuild for a customer in MA.