Citroen 2CV Restorations- Production Line

At EuroCar Imports, we can turn your Citroen dream into a reality.  We have worked with many customers to create the Citroen car of their dreams.  From exterior color schemes and enhancements to original interior designs, if you can dream it–we can make it.

Here is a Citroen 2CV frame on our production line. It’s going to be a maroon and black 2CV with a custom maroon and black interior.  Check out the custom Citroen interior we did for this one!  Maroon and black seats to match the exterior color scheme.  We also did custom doors as well.

We believe that a vehicle is a reflection of its owner and we want to make your vehicle as personalized as possible. If you’ve ever been to a Citroen car show, you would know that there are no identical 2CV’s. These vehicles are highly customizable and are available from EuroCar Imports with many unique options and upgrades. We have worked with many customers to turn their dream car into reality, so if you would like to keep it simple with some elegant chrome accents or go wild with your own original interior designs and exterior color schemes, we can make it happen! We’re happy to work with you.

Citroen 2CV Production Line

Citroen 2CV Upgrade: Black on Black!

This is a gorgeous Black on Black Citroen 2CV….one of my favorite color combinations.  It gives this vintage Citroen car a sleek and sophisticated look that is just so cool.  This 2CV looks pretty good from a far but we are actually doing some pretty cool upgrades with this one.

We are putting in front headrests, a 4 speaker stereo system, an upgraded soft-top and more. As always, we will post updated photos of this Citroen 2CV when we are finished.

Here are some before pics of this great car!


citroen 2cv citroen 2cv
citroen 2cv citroen 2cv

citroen 2cv

Yellow/Black Charleston Arrives for Restoration

This yellow and black Citroen 2CV Charleston has just arrived at Eurocar Imports. We will be doing some restoration work on her including a new frame (you can see this one is badly rusted), new floor pans, new box section, new clutch, exhaust, brakes, oil seals and replacing the gaskets in the engine.

citroen 2cv charleston Citroen 2CV Charleston
Citroen 2CV Charleston rusted frame yellow and black Citroen 2CV Charleston
yellow and black Citroen 2CV Charleston yellow and black Citroen 2CV Charleston

Citroen 2CV Charleston

Did you know…the Citroen 2CV came on the scene in 1948.  At that time, it was only offered in one color; gray. In 1959, blue was added to the list of available colors, and then in 1960 yellow was added.

The front-wheel drive Citroen 2CV was not a flash car; it was a practical car. The ability to remove the seats and panels created extra room for larger objects, plus the 2CV was able to travel over 50 miles on one gallon of gas.

The practicality of the 2CV made it very popular. It was inexpensive, fuel efficient, fun, and convenient. Between 1948 and 1990, 5,114,920 Citroen 2CV’s have been produced.

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