Citroen 2CV – Something Blue

citroen-2cvHow does that saying go when you get married…something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…well we’ve got the perfect ‘something blue’ for you…A Citroen 2CV!  She just had a full paint job, new stereo and new electrics (wiring harness/alternator/battery/brakes/seats/interior/engine).

And she’s off!  Oh the blue Mehari next to her is almost done too…we’ll be posting more pics of that one soon!  Check out our Facebook page to get all of the updates.



Citroen 2CV Restorations- Production Line

At EuroCar Imports, we can turn your Citroen dream into a reality.  We have worked with many customers to create the Citroen car of their dreams.  From exterior color schemes and enhancements to original interior designs, if you can dream it–we can make it.

Here is a Citroen 2CV frame on our production line. It’s going to be a maroon and black 2CV with a custom maroon and black interior.  Check out the custom Citroen interior we did for this one!  Maroon and black seats to match the exterior color scheme.  We also did custom doors as well.

We believe that a vehicle is a reflection of its owner and we want to make your vehicle as personalized as possible. If you’ve ever been to a Citroen car show, you would know that there are no identical 2CV’s. These vehicles are highly customizable and are available from EuroCar Imports with many unique options and upgrades. We have worked with many customers to turn their dream car into reality, so if you would like to keep it simple with some elegant chrome accents or go wild with your own original interior designs and exterior color schemes, we can make it happen! We’re happy to work with you.

Citroen 2CV Production Line

Citroen 2CV Gets New Sound System, Exterior and Interior

This Citroen 2CV is all done and she’s off to California today.  She got a new exterior and new paint job, brand new interior that also includes a new sound system.

Early Citroen Ripple with Suicide Doors

Here’s what we are working on at the moment. An early Citroen 2CV Ripple with suicide doors and lots of cool upgrades! She’s getting a ton of modern mechanics, 12v eletcronics, a four speaker radio system and new seats with a VERY cool paint job. Watch for more updates and photos on this one!

Check out the complete photo album on our Facebook page

citroen 2cv ripple

Tam’s New Citroen

We are thrilled with the results of the restoration on Tam’s Citroen 2CV…and so is Tam.  He is a client of ours that came to us with a 2CV that needed some EuroCar TLC and as you can see, the results speak for themselves.

To see Tam’s full photo album click here.

Original Citroen 2CV Charleston for Sale

It’s so hard to find original Citroen 2CV Charlestons these days and the fact that we have this 1987 genuine maroon/black Charleston is rare!

This model has a reclining front driver seat, 602cc engine/disc brake gearbox and LHM Brakes.  Barely used, there are only 68,800 KM on this beauty.

This is a rare beauty, a great solid car that drives solid.  Please contact us right away as her time here will be limited I’m sure.




citroen 2cv for sale citroen 2cv for sale
citroen 2cv for sale citroen 2cv for sale
citroen 2cv charleston for sale citroen 2cv charleston for sale
citroen 2cv charleston for sale citroen 2cv charleston for sale

Custom Citroen 2CV Restoration

The 2CV is just the latest restoration job for EuroCar, and we have a number of upgrades on tap for the vintage 2CV.

The Citroen 2CV will receive all standard restoration work, which includes engine, suspension and transmission rebuilds and a number of new parts. Additionally, it will receive a special 4-speaker stereo system and a custom interior. Included in the interior design are full carpeting with green and white stripes, custom vinyl door panels and seat covers done in special material, and a custom made headliner.

On the exterior, the car will be painted with top quality metallic purple paint and pearl white seat frames. The doors will be custom painted to allow for the additional of a white swirl down the side of the vehicle. To complete the look, the 2CV will have a handmade lavender-colored soft top installed, making an already distinctive vehicle stand out from the crowd even further.

Before pics below..After pics coming soon. Keep checking back with us!


Rare Citroen Beachcomber for Sale!

This is probably one of the coolest Citroen 2CVs around, a 1979 Citroen Beachcomber!  This Beachcomber is extra special as it was the Euro Car show car AND featured in Road and Track Magazine.  It’s for sale for serious bidders only.

One look and you can see that this 2CV is in EXCELLENT condition.  Another important piece of information here is that EuroCar imports did all of the restoration work on this beauty.   We finished the rebuild two years ago and since then there’s only been 500 miles put on the car. It’s in insanely good condition.

It’s had every possible upgrade and option added including a stainless steel exhaust, fog lights, canvas top, radio/cd player, luggage rack, Robri trims and more.

If you’re interested in the Beachcomber, please let me know asap as these photos are also up on and inquiries are coming in already….

CitroenBeachcomber CitroenBeachComber
CitroenBeachComber CitroenBeachcomber
CitroenBeachcomber CitroenBeachcomber
CitroenBeachcomber CitroenBeachcomber


Custom 1957 Citroen 2CV Rolls Off Our Production Line

It’s a wrap! This totally custom 1957 Citroen 2CV just rolled off our production line here at EuroCar Imports.  She includes the latest 602cc engine, new disc brake gearbox and LHM brake system. 100% custom fit to allow early ripple hood and custom made wiring harness.   Yeh, we can do that!

Check out the pics!


citroen 2cv citroen 2cv
citroen cars for sale citroen cars

Citroen 2CV Convertible for Sale

citroen 2cv convertibleEuroCar Imports, a specialty Citroen mechanic and vintage Citroen dealership, has completed restoration work on a rare black Citroen 2CV convertible that the facility will now be putting up for sale.  During the last year of production on the 2CV, the color black was extremely limited.  It’s not common to see a black Citroen 2CV, especially a convertible none-the-less.

The vintage car boasts a sleek exterior paint theme in black-on-black and received many modern upgrades throughout.

Noel Slade, owner of EuroCar Imports and expert Citroen mechanic, added a number of enhancements to the interior and exterior of the vehicle including front head rests, a 4-speaker stereo system, an upgraded soft top and more.

The Citroen 2CV convertible is now for sale at EuroCar Imports.  The Citroen garage offers national and international shipping.  For information, contact Noel Slade at 732-279-6453 or via email at [email protected]

Photos of the Citroen 2CV for sale can be seen online at