Our Citroen Restoration Process

EuroCar Imports is proud to release the details of their impeccable automobile restoration procedure. The New Jersey-based Citroen specialty garage uses an exhaustive process to both protect the integrity of the vehicle and to customize it to the customer’s specifications. Classic Citroen vehicles like the H-Van and the 2CV are given an exciting new life and restored back to excellence, becoming the prized possession of discerning collectors the world over.

citroen 2cv convertible

Citroen 2CV convertible for sale

Each vehicle that receives the EuroCar treatment has a number of brand new parts, often special ordered from across the globe. The engine, suspension and transmission are completely rebuilt, and the suspension is reworked. The car itself goes through a seven step process, during which every piece is inspected and replaced if necessary.  The car is expertly finished on the interior and custom painted, sealed for rust proofing, and neatly detailed to like new condition. Also important is the durability of the restored vehicle – many of them have survived a lifetime already, and the work put in at EuroCar ensures that they will survive several more.  For EuroCar Imports and its employees, the restoration process is much more than a job; it’s the task of preserving a piece of history.

EuroCar Imports is the most exclusive facility in North America offering a one-stop shop for Citroen enthusiasts. Operated by founder and mechanic Noel Slade, the garage is especially known for its top quality restorations, extensive offering of Citroen vehicles and procurement of Citroen cars from overseas. EuroCar is proud of its reputation as the go to spot for all things Citroen, and for the exceptional vehicles it produces.

For more information about the rebuild process, standard procedures and parts, or customization, visit http://www.citroenimportservices.com/services/restorations/ or contact Noel Slade online at [email protected] or via phone at 732.279.6453 during our business hours.