Citroen Cars Flying Off the Lot At EuroCar Imports

It’s been a busy few months here at EuroCar Imports.  We’ve been busy working on Citroen 2CV cars, the DS and a few Traction Avant vehicles as well.  We are really excited to go out to Hawaii next month.  We received an order from the for two Citroen H vans that will be converted into food trucks.  These will be the first H vans on the Island.  Also- we are going to to do a old fashioned air stream trailer for them as well.

Also getting more orders from Australia.  We customized quite a few Right Hand Drive Citroen cars for them last year and we are excited to be earning more orders.

More pictures and information to come on all of our projects.  Here are some photos of the Citroen cars on our lot right now.

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All Original Citroen 2CV For Sale

Here is the green Citroen 2CV that just came in today. She is really solid/all original and only 87000 kms from new!!!! Very hard to find ones like this now. Frame is perfect – no rust worries.

$15,500 fully serviced and ready to go. Will not last!

Citroen Traction Avant for Sale

This is a gorgeous Citroen Traction Avant that’s for sale at EuroCar Imports. This beauty is an all original!  The car will need some TLC but it’s such a nice base to start from.  Call us for prices or email us at [email protected]

Citroen and Renault Just Arrived

Check out the good looking Citroen and Renault cars that just arrived at EuroCar Imports.  We are going to use one for a parts car (we offer a huge selection of Citroen parts) and the other we are going to do our magic on and put it up for sale.


Original Citroen 2CV Charleston for Sale

It’s so hard to find original Citroen 2CV Charlestons these days and the fact that we have this 1987 genuine maroon/black Charleston is rare!

This model has a reclining front driver seat, 602cc engine/disc brake gearbox and LHM Brakes.  Barely used, there are only 68,800 KM on this beauty.

This is a rare beauty, a great solid car that drives solid.  Please contact us right away as her time here will be limited I’m sure.




citroen 2cv for sale citroen 2cv for sale
citroen 2cv for sale citroen 2cv for sale
citroen 2cv charleston for sale citroen 2cv charleston for sale
citroen 2cv charleston for sale citroen 2cv charleston for sale

Citroen Skydell Truckette For Sale

Check out the latest rare Citroen to arrive at EuroCar Imports in NJ. A 1970 low roofline Citroen Skydell truckette for sale. This car has been hand perfected by the experts at EuroCar Imports. She received a new frame, upgraded 602xx engine, disc brake gear box and LHM brakes…plus lots more.

This truckette is in excellent condition, has been stored inside and used sparingly.

A true collector’s item!  Please contact us for more info. She will be gone in a blink of a eye!!!

1969 Citroen Dyane For Sale

This is a very rare 1969 Citroen Dyane 6 for sale.  These are incredibly hard to find in the United States, yet alone find one in this good of condition.

This rare Dyane has roll down front windows and sliding rear windows and is equipped with a good, solid frame and body.

This model features a 602 cc engine with drum break gearbox.  This could be driven as is or EuroCar Imports can work our magic on an incredible restoration.

Price as is= $10,000.

Call us for a custom restoration price.



Citroen Charleston For Sale

For sale:  Genuine maroon and black Citroen Charleston. Great condition. Brand new galvanized frame . 602cc engine. Disc brake gearbox.

Really hard to find quality Charlestons right now.  This will not last!  $15500

Contact us for more info on this one; 732-279-6453.


Citroen Truckette for Sale

This is a gorgeous Citroen Truckette that was at Eurocar Imports 4 years ago!  We rebuilt this for our customer who loves to collect Citroen cars.  It’s back in our hands now as our customer is ready to move on to his next vintage car project!  We couldn’t be more excited to have this Truckette back.  Especially being that we were the ones to custom build her, we know all of her capabilities.

She is for sale now, ready to make memories with her next very lucky owner.  Contact us on this one and we can give you all of the details.  732-279-6453.  This truckette had an upgraded 602cc engine with disc brake transmission installed, LHM brakes, electronic ignition, new frame and so much more!


citroen truckette for sale

Call us for more information: 732-279-6453


Citroen Acadiane Coming from California

It’s not too often that we have a Citroen Acadiane in the house, but one is on its way to Eurocar Imports straight from California.   This is a very rare truck and it’s in great condition.  I’ll be giving it a thorough evaluation inside and out when it arrives, but from what I see on paper, it’s ready for a new owner now!

The Acadiane is a small commercial vehicle, great for businesses that transport goods and packages or for a vintage car enthusiast that loves the unique style and extra space inside.

Here is a photo of the car, about to be shipped to Eurocar.  I’ll keep you posted as to when it arrives. If you’re interested, call right away because these rare vehicles do NOT last long. 732-279-6453.

citroen acadiane for sale