Citroen H Van For Texas Restaurant

This Citroen H van is in the garage at EuroCar for some light work.  We are getting it running right with new carb/ignition/electrics/full brakes front and rear and master cylinder and new seats and tires.  When she’s done she’s off to Texas where she will be used as a promo van for a restaurant.


Citroen Food Truck Being Primed!

This is an update on our Citroen H Van that we are transforming into a food truck for an LA restaurant.  The H Van will be used to pick up and deliver fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets back to the LA restaurant.

The van is being primed right now, colors are next…Grey, Silver and Cream. This is one monster of an H van and it’s going to look insanely cool once it’s completed!


citroen h van
citroen h van citroen h van

Citroen H Van Being Restored at Eurocar Imports

This Citroen H van is really fun to work on.  When it’s done, it’s heading back to LA where it will be used as a delivery truck making stops between farmers markets and a local LA restaurant.

In order to accommodate carrying foods such as veggies and fruits, we are installing a new kitchen rack inside to keep everything secure.  Also performing all bodywork and finishing off with a fresh coat of paint.  We will post updated photos as soon as it’s done!


citroen h van citroen h van
citroen h van citroen h van

From H Van to Food Truck, Citroen Vans Do It All

Noel Slade, an expert vintage car mechanic specializing in the restoration and rebuilding of vintage Citroen cars, says business is booming with inquiries from companies that want to incorporate the Citroen H Van into their mobile business.  Busy with requests to restore and rebuild vintage H vans, Slade says this old delivery truck from France is making a huge comeback with businesses in the US.  Slade owns Eurocar Imports in Toms River, NJ.

citroen h van

Vintage H van pre-restoration

Designed as a light delivery truck in France from 1947-1981, the H van was popular among small business owners that delivered breads and baked goods.  As of late, the H van’s unique look and convenient capabilities has gained widespread attention of business owners that want their brand to stand out in the crowd.

According to Slade, most of his H van customers are food service owners. “We are recreating the H van into a modern food service truck,” explains Slade.  “We are working on an H Van right now that is getting a new stainless steel sink, refrigerator, full-sized generator…and more. When it’s done it will be serving up fresh food on the streets of San Francisco.”

Citroen Cars for Sale

He imports the vintage H vans from France and sells them to Citroen enthusiasts as well as businesses.  At his restoration body shop in Toms River, he shows off an impressive collection of Citroen cars, vans and truckettes.  Some of the most unique Citroen cars can be seen on his property and many are for sale.

Slade has dedicated more than a decade to breathing new life into worn down Citroen cars.  His best seller- the Citroen 2CV- is sought after by businesses, vintage car enthusiasts and modern consumers looking to cruise around in a historically good looking car that is known to sip fuel better than any modern day hybrid.  A vintage Citroen 2CV can earn up to 40 miles per gallon around town and up to 50 miles per gallon on the highway.

Eurocar Imports is an exclusive facility in the entire Northeast offering a one-stop shop for Citroen enthusiasts.  From parts to service, restorations to rebuilds, Eurocar Imports caters to a distinct group of clientele with discriminating taste.

Consumers who would like to learn more about Eurocar Imports can call 732-279-6453.

Citroen H Van Extreme Makeover Update

We are hard at work transforming a Citroen H van into a ultra modern food service van that will serve the streets of San Francisco.  This monster-sized Citroen van will be get a stainless steel sink, refrigerator, full sized generator, new interior, new exterior paint job and MUCH MUCH more.

We’ve got her stripped down pretty good. Take a look…you can see the original pics of the Citroen Van before we started any work.


citroen h van citroen h van
citroen h van citroen h van

Citroen H Van for Sale

We can’t keep the Citroen H Vans in stock long enough!  They are being shipped to us directly from France and most are being sold before we even get them on US soil!  Due to popular demand, we have another beautiful H Van on it’s way from France again.  This one runs and is ready for a new home right away!

If you’ve seen our past Citroen restorations, you already know that we can do amazing things with these vintage beauties.  If history repeats itself, this one might be sold before it arrives!  Call us if you are interested at 732-279-6453.

Check out some photos below and also browse through our past Citroen restorations.


citroen h van citroen h van
citroen h van citroen h van

Citroen H Van in Fire Engine Red!

This Citroen H Van actually belongs to one of our very good friends who is also a customer of ours.

We had It in for the following

  • New water pump
  • Full tune up
  • New tires and fresh coat of paint for rims
  • Trailer hitch

Now it’s going back to work!!!! This company has 2 more H vans on order with us!

citroen h van citroen-h-van

Citroen 2CV and Truckette Ready to Go Home

Three more Citroen beauties are ready to leave the next and head back home to their owners. One will be heading to California, another to Toronto and the last to North Carolina.

We service, repair and restore Citroen cars from all over the world!  If you’re looking for an expert Citroen mechanic, take the time to look through some of the Citroen restorations we have completed.  At times we can even come to you to service your Citroen. At Eurocar Imports, we restore and rebuild Citroen cars, and European vintage cars of all makes and models. We have the experience and know-how to bring back the modern day beauty of any vintage vehicle, no matter what the condition. Whether your vehicle needs a fresh coat of paint or entirely new frame, Eurocar Imports can turn your rust into riches.

citroen 2cv citroen h van citroen h van

Largest Selection of Citroen H Vans for Sale

citroen h vans for saleCheck out this latest photo of beautiful Citroen H Vans lined up.  You can see from this photo why Eurocar Imports is the only place to go to find Citroen H vans for sale.  These rare trucks are very hard to find, especially in the US.  We have a few that we are restoring right now and there are a couple of beauties making their way to our facility straight from France!!!

About the Citroen H Van

The HY van was used as a delivery van and still serves the same great purpose for business owners today.  This van is especially great for restaurant owners or for food delivery businesses that need the added cargo room and also want to make a statement.  We can customize the van for your company. They make GREAT promotional vehicles for business.

Technical Features of the Citroen HY Van

Engine and gearbox are nearly the same as in the Traction Avant and later the DS, only mounted with the engine to front.  Headlights and speedometer were identical to the 2CV for a long time.

The distinctive corrugated or ‘rippled’ swaged body work was inspired by German Junkers (Aircraft) of the 1930s, the ribs added strength without adding weight, and needed only simple, low cost press tools. The flat body panels were braced on their reverse side by ‘top hat’ box sections, at right angles to the ribs.

We have a few Citroen H vans for sale and can be customized to your liking.  If you are interested in purchasing the van give us a call at 732-279-6453.