Citroen H Van Going to Australia

This H van will be the latest EuroCar makeover to hit the streets down under.  We already have one custom H van cruising around Australia and it has generated a ton of inquiries to the shop from people wanting to customize their own personal right hand drive Citroen.

For more information on our Right Hand Drive Citroen cars, trucks and vans, visit our website.

Radiators for H Vans

We now have radiators for Citroen H Vans.  These radiators are all aluminum and never rust.  Every H should have one.  They are in stock at EuroCar Imports and you can also order online from our online store.  If you have any questions or need help ordering, please give us a call at 732-279-6453 or send an email to [email protected]

Silver Citroen H Van

This is a cool looking Citroen H van with a nice black interior.  It’s going to Oregon and will be used at a winery.

Citroen H Vans for Sale – Monster Selection!

We have a MONSTER selection of Citroen H vans for sale, making this one of our biggest fleets ever.  Some are still on their way here from France so please inquire NOW as these vans never last long at EuroCar Imports.


H Van Restoration

Another Citroen H Van has been sent to EuroCar Imports in Toms River for one of our A-Z restorations.  This grey/orange van is receiving an  overhaul, inside and out with a custom side open window. When it’s done, it will be used as a Coffee Truck. These are getting quite popular!


Here are some pics in progress:


Citroen H Van Being Restored at Eurocar Imports

This Citroen H van is really fun to work on.  When it’s done, it’s heading back to LA where it will be used as a delivery truck making stops between farmers markets and a local LA restaurant.

In order to accommodate carrying foods such as veggies and fruits, we are installing a new kitchen rack inside to keep everything secure.  Also performing all bodywork and finishing off with a fresh coat of paint.  We will post updated photos as soon as it’s done!


citroen h van citroen h van
citroen h van citroen h van

Update on Citroen Food Van

Here are a few updates photos of the Citroen H Van that is being converted into a street van to sell good eats on the streets of San Francisco.  We just finished stripping it down and a fresh coat of paint has gone on so far. Pretty soon she will be pimped out with everything needed to prep and serve food to the people of San Fran…a new stainless steel sink, refrigerator, full-sized generator…and more!

Don’t forget to take a look at the original Citroen H Van photos to see just how far we’ve come!



citroen food van citroen food van
citroen food van

citroen food van
citroen food van

H Van Makeover Into Modern Food Service Van

The popularity of transforming the vintage Citroen H Vans into modern day business vans continues to rise.  We’re taking this monster-sized H Van that just arrived and doing a custom restoration like you’ve never seen before.  We are turning this vintage van into a state-of-the-art food service van complete with a stainless steel sink, refrigerator, full sized generator and more.

When this van is done, the owner will be serving up fresh food on the streets of San Francisco!

Keep watching for updates on this one, you won’t want to miss this monster makeover!




citroen h van citroen h van
citroen h van citroen h van

Citroen H Van Makes Cameo Appearance in ABC Pan Am Show

Pan Am, yes the airline Pan Am, is coming to a TV near you and guess what….???  One of our customized Citroen H vans has made a cameo appearance for the filming for the preliminary episode.  Yes, a EuroCar Imports Citroen H van has been cast to play a bread truck set on the streets of Rome for the filming of the new ABC pilot entitled, Pan Am.

Now, if you’re old enough to know what a Citroen H van is, you’re old enough to know what Pan Am is.  ABC has given the airlines a new chance at life with its new pilot series that follows the debonaire pilots and dynamic stewardesses of the 1950s and 1960s.

Filming for Pan Am

Our Citroen H van made its starring film debut last month.  We traveled to the streets of Greenwich Village NYC at the wee hours of 5am and were in ‘bread truck character’ until about 7pm!!!  An actor’s job is so underestimated!  Now, if you look closely at the photos below, you can see our H van loaded with bread. Yes, that’s us, the bread truck! Check us out!


citroen h van

Look closely, that's our van in front of the lime green punch buggie!

citroen h van

Here's a better shot...check out that junk in our trunk! The BREAD!!!

Citroen H Vans Arrive from France!

4 Citroen H Vans just arrived at Eurocar Imports in Toms River.  They are direct from France.  Back in December, we told you that these Citroen H Vans were being loaded into containers to be sent to us. Now they have finally arrived!  Here are a few photos and check out our Flicker profile to see the rest!

citroen h van citroen h van