Changing Your Citroen 2CV King Pins

If the king pins on your Citroen need replacing, it’s actually something that can be done fairly easily at home.  We sell all the tools you need to change your king pins on your own. Just visit our Citroen 2CV parts store.

The king pin technology is very old, but very important to how the car handles. When you start to notice any play in your wheel, it’s time to change the old pins.

If you don’t feel confident undertaking this task on your own, you can always bring (or ship) your car to Eurocar Imports.  We restore and perform maintenance on Citroen 2CV cars from all over the country.

Eurocar imports stocks the largest selection of Citroen parts and Citroen 2CV parts.  If you have a special order request, we can fulfill it for you.  We pride ourselves on same day turnaround.  We ship it out the same day you order, unless of course it is a special order.

Visit our Citroen 2CV parts store online.