From H Van to Food Truck, Citroen Vans Do It All

Noel Slade, an expert vintage car mechanic specializing in the restoration and rebuilding of vintage Citroen cars, says business is booming with inquiries from companies that want to incorporate the Citroen H Van into their mobile business.  Busy with requests to restore and rebuild vintage H vans, Slade says this old delivery truck from France is making a huge comeback with businesses in the US.  Slade owns Eurocar Imports in Toms River, NJ.

citroen h van

Vintage H van pre-restoration

Designed as a light delivery truck in France from 1947-1981, the H van was popular among small business owners that delivered breads and baked goods.  As of late, the H van’s unique look and convenient capabilities has gained widespread attention of business owners that want their brand to stand out in the crowd.

According to Slade, most of his H van customers are food service owners. “We are recreating the H van into a modern food service truck,” explains Slade.  “We are working on an H Van right now that is getting a new stainless steel sink, refrigerator, full-sized generator…and more. When it’s done it will be serving up fresh food on the streets of San Francisco.”

Citroen Cars for Sale

He imports the vintage H vans from France and sells them to Citroen enthusiasts as well as businesses.  At his restoration body shop in Toms River, he shows off an impressive collection of Citroen cars, vans and truckettes.  Some of the most unique Citroen cars can be seen on his property and many are for sale.

Slade has dedicated more than a decade to breathing new life into worn down Citroen cars.  His best seller- the Citroen 2CV- is sought after by businesses, vintage car enthusiasts and modern consumers looking to cruise around in a historically good looking car that is known to sip fuel better than any modern day hybrid.  A vintage Citroen 2CV can earn up to 40 miles per gallon around town and up to 50 miles per gallon on the highway.

Eurocar Imports is an exclusive facility in the entire Northeast offering a one-stop shop for Citroen enthusiasts.  From parts to service, restorations to rebuilds, Eurocar Imports caters to a distinct group of clientele with discriminating taste.

Consumers who would like to learn more about Eurocar Imports can call 732-279-6453.

H Van Makeover Into Modern Food Service Van

The popularity of transforming the vintage Citroen H Vans into modern day business vans continues to rise.  We’re taking this monster-sized H Van that just arrived and doing a custom restoration like you’ve never seen before.  We are turning this vintage van into a state-of-the-art food service van complete with a stainless steel sink, refrigerator, full sized generator and more.

When this van is done, the owner will be serving up fresh food on the streets of San Francisco!

Keep watching for updates on this one, you won’t want to miss this monster makeover!




citroen h van citroen h van
citroen h van citroen h van

Citroen H Van for Sale

We can’t keep the Citroen H Vans in stock long enough!  They are being shipped to us directly from France and most are being sold before we even get them on US soil!  Due to popular demand, we have another beautiful H Van on it’s way from France again.  This one runs and is ready for a new home right away!

If you’ve seen our past Citroen restorations, you already know that we can do amazing things with these vintage beauties.  If history repeats itself, this one might be sold before it arrives!  Call us if you are interested at 732-279-6453.

Check out some photos below and also browse through our past Citroen restorations.


citroen h van citroen h van
citroen h van citroen h van

Citroen H Vans Arrive from France!

4 Citroen H Vans just arrived at Eurocar Imports in Toms River.  They are direct from France.  Back in December, we told you that these Citroen H Vans were being loaded into containers to be sent to us. Now they have finally arrived!  Here are a few photos and check out our Flicker profile to see the rest!

citroen h van citroen h van

Citroen H Vans On Their Way

We promised you that we had a new selection of Citroen H vans being shipped from France, and now we’ve got the photos to prove it!  Regions of France have been hit with a lot of snow, but you can tell from these pictures that they are still loading up our H Vans to ship to Eurocar Imports.

citroen vans

Here are our 4 Citroen Vans waiting to be shipped to Eurocar!

citroen h van

The 1st vans are loaded into the container.

citroen h van

More vans being loaded with the help of a tractor

citroen h vans

Just 2 vans waiting to be loaded into the container!

citroen h vans

Each Citroen van is going to be fully restored before being sold. If you are interested in purchasing one of the Citroen Vans, please give us a call right away at 732-279-6453.