Citroen Car Parts: Electronic Ignitions

We now stock electronic ignitions for the Citroen Traction, Citroen DS and Citroen H Van.  Of course, we always have the electronic ignitions in stock at all times for the Citroen 2CV.

citroen car partsEach ignition is specifically targeted for either the Traction, DS or H Van. With a simple switch you can easily choose the advance-curve that was specified for your engine. This ignition contains all the curves for carbureted engines as originally specified by Citroen, for cars after July 1959.

Two curves are dedicated to the Traction-Avant engines, the ‘Perfo’ and the ’11D’.

For the ‘H’-van there are two advance-curves too, both for the ‘H78’-engine. One of these has a so-called ‘rev-limiter’, to prevent unwanted engine-damage.

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