New Photos of Le Creuset’s Citroen Truckette

Here are some new shots of the Citroen Truckette we recently outfitted for Le Creuset.  The Truckette is their new promotional vehicle. It’s completely customized to reflect their brand with their traditional bright orange color.  The Truckette makes a great promotional vehicle. It’s size, shape and convenient cargo space provides everything business owners need to prominently display their business and transport items back and forth.

Remember, we can customize any Citroen car, truck or van to match your company’s identity, just like we did for Le Creuset.  Here are the latest photos of their Truckette:

citroen truckette for le creuset citroen truckette for le creuset
citroen truckette for le creuset

Check Out What’s Cooking with Le Creuset’s Truckette

Le Creuset purchased one of our Citroen Truckettes to use as a promotional vehicle.  We’re just in the middle of giving it a totally new look to match Le Creuset’s branding.  You can see from some of the photos that we’ve put a shiny coat of bright orange paint on so far, Le Creuset’s signature color.