Rare Morris Minor Car for Sale

This is a very rare Morris Minor 1000cc from 1961!  At Eurocar Imports, we restore, rebuild and sell all makes and models of European vintage cars, not just the French Citroen, and this rare Morris Minor car for sale is a true testament to the range of vintage cars available at Eurocar.

A little bit about the Morris Minor

The Morris Minor was created to combine the many luxuries and conveniences of a good motor car with a price suitable for the working classes. When compared with competitor products in the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s, Morris Minor excelled as a roomy vehicle with superior cornering/handling characteristics.  The Minor remains a well loved and collected vehicle. The very last Morris Minor (commercial) was assembled at Stoke, Nelson New Zealand in 1974.

This car is fun to drive and great to look at.  We will be restoring this Minor to its modern day beauty.  The customer will be choosing all of the fine details such as exterior paint color, interior fabrics, etc.

If you are interested in purchasing a Morris Minor, call us right away.  This will not be available for long.  732-279-6453.