Rare 1978 Citroen Truckette for Sale

When it comes to rare, vintage European cars, you can’t get any more elusive than the Citroen Truckette.  There are very few Truckettes in the USA.  Some estimate that under 150 Truckettes exist here in the US, and we’ve got at least 1 that’s for sale right now.

What makes the Truckette so unique is that it was designed as a commercial vehicle for small business owners, but consumers soon fell in love with its compact exterior appearance and spacious interior.  The Truckette can squeeze into tight parking spaces while offering a deceivingly spacious cabin.  In France, business owners used the Truckette to transport goods and materials while larger families found it to be the perfect vehicle for hauling kids and cargo. 

Today, many modern businesses are using restored Citroen Truckettes as promotional vehicles for their business.  Besides being one of the most unique looking vehicles on the road, the Truckette is incredibly fuel efficient.

This unique Truckette from 1978 available at Eurocar Imports has the high roof line, which is even rarer. It even has the original Citroen roof rack.  The Truckette is being fully restored, and will be receiving new floor pans/rockers/rear light panels/fenders, a new engine and much more.  The new owner will be able to choose the paint color of choice.

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