Citroen 2CV Restoration

Our client from Ontario shipped us his Citroen 2CV Charleston for some work and restorations.  She’s having the works including:

  • Rebuilt engine
  • Rebuilt Carburetor
  • New brakes/lines
  • New frame(galvanized of course) shock absorbers
  • Floor Pans
  • Upgraded Canvas style soft top
  • Radio/cd player
  • Stainless Steel exhaust system

And perhaps a few more things to jazz things up a bit…keep watching because there will be lots more to come.

Here are some photos of the Citroen 2CV how she arrived and in the middle of her restoration:

citroen 2cv

Just arrived at Eurocar for some TLC!

citroen cars

Old frame

citroen cars

New frame

used citroen cars

Another look inside the stripped down frame

Yellow and Black Charleston-Almost Home

We’ve been working on this gorgeous 2CV for the past few weeks.  She was originally a red head and was recently sold to her new owners in California.  They decided to transform her into a true Charleston using a fantastic Yellow/Black color combination.  We’ve been stripping everything down to start the new paint job.  Below are some photos of the work in progress, including a before shot when she was in red.

Road and Track Magazine Interviews Noel Slade

Interest in the vintage Citroen 2CV is soaring amid rising fuel costs and a near meltdown of the automotive industry.  And now the rest of the world is starting to take notice.

We’ve been restoring Citroen cars for the last 20 years.  But it wasn’t until recently that they caught the eye of the mainstream automotive market. 

Noel Slade featured in Road and Track Magazine

Last year, Road and Track magazine dedicated a two page spread honoring the reinvention of the Citroen 2CV, and the exceptional work performed right here at Eurocar Imports.  We are one of a handful of expert Citroen mechanics in the US with the ability to fully restore or completely rebuild vintage Citroen cars from the ground up.

A vintage Citroen 2CV can earn up to 40 miles per gallon around town and up to 50 miles per gallon on the highway.  The 2CV runs on regular fuel.  Beyond the mileage, the 2CV offers an unmistakable element of style, grace and sophistication.   Introduced by the French in the 1940’s, the Citroen was the premier choice of transportation for heads of state and French royalty.

We can restore or rebuild any vintage 2CV that comes our way, no matter what its condition.  There is nothing that is not available for the 2CV.  Some of the parts are aftermarket but are better than the originals. 

For vintage car enthusiasts looking to procure their dream Citroen, Eurocar Imports offers completely customized rebuilds which include a new galvanized frame, floorpans, jody box section, exhaust system, seat covers, carpeting, headliner, canvas sunroof, bumpers, a low-mileage engine with new- disc brakes, a rebuilt transmission, new paint in a color of the buyer’s choice, new chrome door trim and five new tires. 

We can also re-create the  2CV’s two-tone Charleston model. The yellow Charleston with black fenders is his most popular car. It also has chrome trim on the rocker panels and a passenger-side mirror. Consumers can also opt for an engine rebuilt to factory specifications.

If you’d like to inquire about purchasing a used Citroen car for sale, or having us restore your vintage European form, send us an email or use our contact form and we will respond promptly.

1980 2CV Restoration

1980 citroen 2cvThis car came into our shop for a complete check over as the customer had only had the 2CV for 2 weeks.

This is a 1980 2CV with the 602cc engine and disk brake gearbox. It’s the special model with the small dashboard. The car has the old front bench seat from the 70’s.

The customer requested nice freshly sprayed wheel rims and 4 new tires. We will also be adding new seat covers to revive the seats.

When we were inspecting the car we found that the frame was bent and needed quite some work. So we’ll be fitting a galvanized frame.

We’ll then get the engine some overhaul with a new alternator, starter motor and tuneup. While we’re at it, we will work on the brakes.

Local 2CV gets new frame, exhaust, and engine service

Our customer only lives 10 miles from us and after having got the 2cv off eBay a few months ago, he found out it needed a new frame as the old one was bending!!!

(Note this is a right hand drive from England!!!!)

Now the car is all done and back on NJ roads.

2CV Receives Exhaust, Brakes and Complete Service

This is a 1978 Brown/Beige 2CV that came in from Holland last month and has just been sold to its new owner in NYC. It is an original French 2CV that spent its whole life in France until it arrived to NJ last month!
It is now starting its new life in NYC, after I installed a new exhaust, front and rear brakes and gave it a complete service.

Citroen 2cv from France

LuLu Lobster 2CV

The Lulu Lobster Boat Ride 2CV!

This customer drove down from Maine to NJ so we could do some major repairs to her.

Here is some of the work to be carried out

New Galvanized frame
Upgraded gearbox to the latest LHM type
Upgraded brake system to the latest LHM type
New paint job and bodywork repaired
New floors and also new rear light panel

Update April 17, 2007 – the Lulu Lobster Boat Ride 2CV is complete and back home in Maine!!

Illinois 2CV Dolly

This customer drove his 2cv all the way from IL. His frame is collapsed and it will get new floors as well as a brand new galvanized frame.

The later Citroen 2cvs all had serious problems with the frames rusting out, so don’t leave it until it’s too late!!!! If you have any doubts or concerns about your 2cv please feel free to contact us

April 24, 2007 – The body is off the frame and now you can see how bad the floors are!

May 9, 2007 – The Illinois Dolly is on on the 900 mile trip back home!

Citroen 2CV Engine Upgrade

Among the many services that we can provide are upgrades. This car is a 70’s era Citroen 2CV4 which features the 435cc engine. The customer wished to upgrade to the power and safety that comes with a 602cc engine and disc brake tranmission.