Vintage Restorations: Fiat and Renault

We just got two new beauties at EuroCar Imports that are here for a complete restoration: A nice Fiat and Renault.   Both are getting full restorations: Body/paint/interior/mechanics.


These customers also have Citroen cars in our shop that we are doing the same thing for :-)

2CV6 Club

This 2 CV6, is now fitted on a brand new Galvanised frame. Almost ready to go.

Registered and licensed in the US, the car is in our shop in Lakewood New Jersey. Work is in progress. She is sold and now prepared for the custom preferences of the customer.

Complete 2CV makeover

This 2CV will end up like a brand new car, if not better!

The customer is having lots of chrome under the engine compartment along with a brand new frame, floors, box section, and hood.

Ben’s Red 2CV

Ben Boyle is a customer I speak to a lot. We knew his frame would need doing in the future however the other week he called me and said his steering had gone stiff. I knew this was the start of the frame bending and the following week the car came into me for a new frame.The car had a brand new galvanized frame along with new front box section panels inner and outer.

Now the car is back home in Michigan and he is using it everyday.

Restoration of the Indianapolis 2CV!

This customer drove his 2cv all the way from Indianapolis to us in new jersey!!!!!!!!

We are fitting a brand new galvanized frame, complete paint job (keeping the car the same color). Once done, the car will be transformed!!!!!!

Also engine rebuild taking place(engine got hot and melted a piston).

Illinois 2CV Dolly

This customer drove his 2cv all the way from IL. His frame is collapsed and it will get new floors as well as a brand new galvanized frame.

The later Citroen 2cvs all had serious problems with the frames rusting out, so don’t leave it until it’s too late!!!! If you have any doubts or concerns about your 2cv please feel free to contact us

April 24, 2007 – The body is off the frame and now you can see how bad the floors are!

May 9, 2007 – The Illinois Dolly is on on the 900 mile trip back home!

Right Hand Drive Dyane from England

This is a Right Hand Drive Dyane from England!

Citroen in Dark Blue

This is a dark blue rebuild which is done and is awaiting it’s new home in the great state of Maine!

Black and Red Vintage Charleston

This gorgeous vintage Charleston is in for new frame/paint job/seat covers/roof etc etc. Once finished Charleston will look like new again!!!


This Mehari is in for brakes/exhaust/clutch/shocks.  Something a little different to work on.